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  • The Imex i66R supplied with the German made LRX6 Receiver is an economical rotating Laser Level. 
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    $1,242.00 (AUD inc GST)
  • The highly visible Imex i88G green beam laser is the most versatile interior/exterior laser available.
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    $1,782.00 (AUD inc GST)
  • The red beam version Imex i88R has up to approximately 40 hours run time with the manual dual slope mode suitable for all professional levelling tasks, especially for trades that predominantly use the laser outdoors.
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    $1,650.00 (AUD inc GST)
  • The new Imex i99R Laser Level offers everything that the contractor and tradesman need in a rotating Dual Grade laser level.  View More

    $2,860.00 (AUD inc GST)
  • The Imex IPL3 series of Pipe Drainage Lasers offers a Red & Green Beam Laser including the new wireless remote setting and the capability of fitting into a 100mm PVC pipe. With interchangeable feet for a variety of pipe sizes, a direct dia-lin grade range of  -20% to + 30% and fully submersible IP68 rating. The new Imex IPL3T series of pipe lasers are set up for the most demanding tasks. Lock-out grade for Solar Farm pile driving.
         Full function check and calibration. Certificate dated at time of purchase.
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    Imex IPL3TR Red Beam Pipe Laser
    $5,115.00 (AUD inc GST)
    Imex IPL3TG Green Beam Pipe Laser
    $5,999.40 (AUD inc GST)
  • The imex LX22G Green cross line laser level and plumb spot is an self levelling laser with 1 sharp vertical line and 1 horizontal line, plumb up and down spot. Features a rotating bracket and pulsating mode for outdoor use with optional detector up to 50m working range. 

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    Imex LX22G-Laser only
    $467.50 (AUD inc GST)
    Out of stock
    Imex LX22G Cross Line Plumb w/Tripod
    $544.50 (AUD inc GST)
    Imex LX22G Cross Line Plumb Laser w/Tripod & Receiver
    $731.50 (AUD inc GST)
  • imex R1000 general purpose Measuring Wheel.

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    $185.90 (AUD inc GST)
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