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  • Hire - Leica NA720 Optical Level HILENA720

    The NA720 Automatic level for all applications on the construction site. 20x telescopic magnification. 2.5 mm Accuracy Per km double run.

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  • Hire-Leica Roteo 35 Rotation Laser

    Hire-Leica Roteo 35 Rotation Laser HILERO35R

    The Roteo 35 red beam laser is a multipurpose Outdoor & Indoor. Application: Installing ceilings and walls, Marking out right angles, Stairs pitches etc. Fully automatic horizontal and vertical laser. Motorized wall mount. Scan modes. 90 plumb beam. Range up to 150 m radius with laser receiver. Accuracy +/- 3mm at 30m. Supplied with Receiver & Remote control.

  • Leica Lino RVL100 Laser Receiver LERVL100

    The Leica RVL100 Laser Receiver has been specifically designed to work with line lasers and increases the working range especially when working outdoors and in bright conditions. Replaces Leica Lino LLD2 Receiver. For price & availability please call or email to

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  • Leica Auto Level NA720 LENA720

    Leica NA720 Auto Level 20x Magnification. Professional series.

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    $698.50 (AUD inc GST)
  • Leica Auto Level NA724 LENA724

    Leica NA724 Auto Level 24x Magnification. Professional series.

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    $786.50 (AUD inc GST)
  • Leica Auto Level NA728 LENA728

    Leica NA728 Auto Level 28x Magnification. Professional series. Discontinued.

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  • Leica Auto Level NA730 LENA730

    Leica NA730 Auto Level 30x Magnification. Professional series. Discontinued.

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  • Leica Disto A4 Target Plate GZM26

    A4 sized with two different reflective surfaces to optimise outdoor use of your Disto.

    $52.80 (AUD inc GST)
  • Leica Disto Arm Holder - to hold pocket PC's (PDA's) LMTDISTAH

    Simply strap around your arm and wear your PDA like wristwatch (attaches with the supplied Velcro self-adhesive strips) - allows hands-free operation of your DISTO Bluetooth Device. Not available anymore, for display purpose only.

  • Leica Disto Belt Clip Attachment LMTDISACCFB

    Attaches to your DISTO using the tripod thread (not suitable for models without this feature - D2 & DXT) and hangs comfortably from the belt or waistband. The DISTO™ can be quickly detached for use.

    $11.00 (AUD inc GST)
    RRP: $16.50
  • Leica DISTO D1 BT Laser Distance Meter D1BT

    The Leica DISTO D1 has been stripped down to just the basics because not everyone needs the functions like height tracking, area, volume or point to point that you find in our other DISTO models. Back to basics. The DISTO D1 offers professionals as well as DIY users an easy to use laser measuring device.

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    $139.70 (AUD inc GST)
  • Leica Disto D110 Laser Distance measurer with Bluetooth D110

    Leica Disto D110 - Whether you need a quick material estimation or you are working on a home improvement project, the Leica DISTO D110 with integrated Bluetooth Smart and the free Leica DISTO sketch app offers you endless possibilities to create sketches, generate floor plans, document your measurements with pictures using a smartphone or a tablet.  Whether an interior designer, painter or building contractor, the DISTO D110 will make it easier to get the job done right.

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    $229.90 (AUD inc GST)
  • Leica DISTO D2 BT Laser Distance Measurer D2BT

    The Leica Disto D2 BT is a compact laser distance meter with Bluetooth Smart and multifunctional end-piece. This small and handy laser distance meter has an impressive range of up to 100m and is equipped with many useful functions. Measurements out of corners or from edges are no problem with the multi-functional end-piece. All in a handy compact unit which fits easily into your pocket.
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    $297.00 (AUD inc GST)
  • Leica Disto D210 Laser Distance Meter D210

    The compact Leica Disto D210 is a handy entry-level model has many interesting functions and is still simple to use. Addition and subtraction, area and volume calculations for rapid and reliable site measurement. The last 10 results are stored. Improved accuracy to +/- 1mm. Leave the measuring tape behind. Automatic multifunctional end-piece. This unit has now been discontinued

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  • Leica Disto D510 Laser Distance Meter D510

    The Leica DISTO D510 stands for easy and effortless outdoor distance measurement. The unique combination of digital Point finder and 360° tilt sensor allows measurements which are not possible with conventional distance meters. In addition, with Bluetooth Smart and attractive free apps, you are prepared for the future. Range to 200m. Accuracy +/- 1mm.

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    $792.00 (AUD inc GST)
  • Leica Disto D810 Touch Distance Meter D810

    The Leica DISTO D810 Touch is the first laser distance meter world-wide to feature a touch screen, allowing for quick and intuitive operation. Documenting measurements has never been simpler as you are now able to capture a picture of the object you are measuring overlayed with all the measurement information.

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    $1,089.00 (AUD inc GST)
  • Leica Disto FTA360 Tripod Adapter DFTA360

    Measuring over long distances requires a stable set-up of the laser distance meter. The Leica Disto FTA360 Tripod adapter makes it easier to aim over long distances and increases the accuracy when taking indirect measurements.

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    $336.60 (AUD inc GST)
  • Leica Disto Pole Mount Adaptor lSA360

    A very handy and versatile mounting accessory for your DISTO using the tripod screw thread in its base. Ideal for accurate height, angle and pythagors measuing functions, for which the DISTO is world-famous. Not available anymore, for display purpose only.

  • Leica Disto S910 Laser Distance Meter

    Leica Disto S910 measures fast and precise distances between any two points from one location with the laser distance meter Leica Disto S910. Create easily as-built documentation, calculate roof dimensions and integrate data into BIM or CAD software for even 3D visualizations. This improved workflows save valuable time and money all this at ranges of up to 300 m.For current price and availability please call

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    Leica Disto S910 Distance Measurer
    $2,145.00 (AUD inc GST)
    Leica Disto S910 Pro Pack Laser Measurer
    $2,585.00 (AUD inc GST)
  • Leica Disto Target Plate Set GZM27

    Set of two interlocking target plaes each measuring 98 x 147mm. Also includes a starter pack of Blue-tack for easy and stable fixing

    $55.65 (AUD inc GST)
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