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Locating & Detecting

A Magnetic Locator will find only ferrous metals, generally at greater depths.
The magnetic locator will not 'see' other types of metals and so will not be subject to signal interference from them - things like aluminum cans, pull tabs and other common "trash" materials found in many environments. Most ideal tool for the Surveyor.

For general ferrous, non ferrous, cavities, tunnel, pipes etc the use of metal detectors or geophysical scanners / locators can be used

Frequently asked Question about the Site Pro Smart Track Magnetic Locator

What is the difference between the CST/Berger Magna Track, made in Malaysia and the latest SMART-Track Locator made in USA
Answer: These are two very different products.
One is very old electronic technology (Old analogue circuit erase feature, time limit on erase values) and no IP rating and the other is a 2016 design with state of the art electronics plus over 9 additional features.
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  • The Smart Trak ST101 & ST102 Site Pro Magnetic Locators are the smart choice for locating ferrous metal objects by sensing the difference between two fluxgate sensors that are arranged in a manner to balance out the Earth's magnetic field.             Made in USA.

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    SmartTrack ST102 Magnetic Locator
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  • The DML2000-XR is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art locator that is highly reliable and user-friendly. There are only two controls and one switch, so it does not take long to become comfortable in using the locator. Just toggle the On/Off switch, adjust the volume control for a comfortable signal level, and set the sensitivity control to one of three settings.

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  • The OKM exp 5000 is a measuring instrument to detect buried objects, underground structures and sub-surface anomalies. Scan, Detect, Locate & Analyze. Archeological application include detect bunkers, graves & other buried objects, for Industry & Construction detect hidden pipes, cables and cavities, do Geophysical measurements to locate underground water resources, tunnels, caves and other cavities. Detect & locate ferrous or non ferrous metals for Prospecting. To locate an object is one thing, but to know its size, shape and depth is often the more important and valuable information use the Visualizer 3D software which assures a detailed analysis of the measured results.

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