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Spectra Precision Lasers

Spectra Precision Laser can stand up to tough jobsite conditions.

Trimble is a pioneer in construction positioning technology providing reliable, accurate solutions and improving productivity in a wide range of jobs.

Trimble and Spectra Precision offer a comprehensive portfolio of levelling, positioning, and alignment tools and solutions for General Construction, Interior and Underground work. A complete line of construction and surveying accessories completes the portfolio.

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  • Spectra Precision DR400 DigiRod SPDR400

    The Trimble Spectra Precision DR400 is 3 products All-in-One. A digital Cut & Fill system, A handheld Laser distance measurer & a stand-alone Laser Receiver. It is a revolutionary tool that eliminates the need for grade rods when checking grades & levels with a rotating laser. The combination of a Laser Receiver with digital readout, Laser Distance measurer and built-in tilt sensor provide the information required to take readings without a staff or Cut & Fill Rods.

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    $1,094.50 (AUD inc GST)
  • Spectra Precision HV101 SPHV101

    The Spectra Precision HV101 is a versatile Multifunctional Laser for horizontal and vertical applications for the interior and exterior jobsites. A general Contractors kit available with all interior and exterior accessories. Ideal for the smaller jobsites.

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    $1,265.00 (AUD inc GST)
  • Spectra Precision LL300 Laser Level

    The Spectra Precision Laser LL300 is a medium-range, highly accurate levelling solution. Being a  fully automatic self-levelling rotation Laser provides fast, accurate setup. Simple to use one button self-levelling function. Operating up to 400m diameter. Choice of two packages. Standard or All in one complete Kit. Please call for availability.

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    Spectra Precision LL300 Laser & HR450 Receiver
    Spectra Precision LL300 Laser All in one Kit
  • Spectra Precision LL300N Rotation Laser Level SPLL300N-10

    The Spectra Precision LL300N fully automatic Laser Level features a rugged design with a metal sunshade that provides superior drop and weather protection (IP66). Medium-range, simple one button highly accurate leveling solution. Base package includes the mm HL 450 Receiver. Construction tough.

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    $1,485.00 (AUD inc GST)
  • Spectra Precision UL633 Universal Laser SPUL633

    The Spectra Precision UL633 is a combination of many lasers into one unit. Spectra Precision's Universal Laser provides grade in three axes and allows contractors to control a multitude of applications with one tool. The laser provides a 25% grade range in the X and Y axes for single and dual slope work, and with the SpotFinder, the UL633 can automatically align the beam for pipe laying and line applications. By Trimble Construction Tools. For price and availability please call.

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