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Hire - Lasers & Optical Instruments

Level, Slope,Line & vertical

All Instruments for Hire include Tripod & Staff for Outdoor applications.

Optional accessories supplied at extra cost.

All Hire instruments are being in-house Checked & Calibrated before Hire commences.  

For availability, price or to organise a booking please call the office on 08-9409 4058 or email to :

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  • Hire - Geo FL50-Plus Multi Line Laser
    Hire - Geo FL50-Plus Multi Line Laser HIGFFL50P

    Automatic Levelling Multi Line Laser Level with Receiver for outdoor application. Linear laser levelling, self-levelling, Generating a horizontal line, four vertical lines and a plumb point. 4 Laser-crosses at 90° to each other. Adjustable 360° circle reading. Supplied with Receiver & Staff clamp and battery, floor tripod, target, laser intensive glasses & an 5/8"-adapter for connection to builder's tripod, rechargeable batteries, charger and hard case.

  • The NA720 Automatic level for all applications on the construction site. 20x telescopic magnification. 2.5 mm Accuracy Per km double run. Workshop Checked & Calibrated before you use it. 

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  • Hire-Pro Shot AS2M Grade Laser HIPSAS2M

    Pro Shot AS2M Grade Laser, fully Automatic Self-Levelling - Servo driven. Automatic Dial-in Grade (Single Axis) - up to 25% in 0.01% increments. Just set your desired grade in the Slope-Axis and the AS2M will automatically drive the laser line to that slope. X-axis remains self-levelling. Designed for grading and pipeline contractors. Includes Compound Slope / Grade kit for dual grade applications. Range to 600m diameter.

  • Hire-Pro Shot L4.7 Laser Level HIPSL4.7

    Pro Shot L4.7 Laser Level and Receiver. Simple horizontal laser leveller. Range to 460m diameter. Accuracy +/- 1mm @ 30m.

  • Hire-Theis TPL-2N Automatic Dual Slope Laser HITHTPL2N

    The Theis TPL-2N is an Automatic Dual Grade laser with digital adjustment of up to 10%, a visible laser beam as well as a Plumb beam that can also be used for vertical applications. Use outdoors & indoor with the visible laser beam & scan functions. Use for layout, grading, levelling & ceiling work. Supplied with Laser Receiver & remote control. For availability please call.

Results 1 - 5 of 5 Show: Sort By: