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We don’t want to over-complicate this section with a lot of unfriendly legal and/or industry terminology, so we’ll just try to cover the main points.

But we take our customer service very seriously, so we’ll try to cover all the necessary details here.

Should you have any questions you’d like to ask, or if there is something we’ve not covered here please contact us before placing any orders so we can assist you, where ever possible.

Payment Terms:

Within Australia we accept all major credit cards including AMEX, except for Diners Club.

International orders are via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or Wire Transfer only. 

 Email :


  • The prices displayed on our website are retail prices – including GST 
  • The prices displayed on our website do not include freight/delivery of any kind 
  • The prices displayed on our website are true and correct at the time we list them 
  • The prices displayed on our website may vary from those displayed in our store or from prices given over the phone or on quotation 
  • We continually monitor and update all the product information on our website, but we can only react to information provided to us by our suppliers 
  • We will contact you immediately if we discover you’ve ordered something at an incorrect price or something that is no longer available 
  • Errors and Omissions are Excepted 

Back Orders

  • We will always do our best to ensure we have adequate stocks on hand for the majority of items listed on our website
  • From time to time, for various reasons, we may run out of stock or find that stock is temporarily unavailable from our supplier 
  • When this happens we will advise you immediately and keep you informed of the progress of your order 
  • The longest we would expect to be out of stock would be around 5 – 7 days 
  • Should the expected lead time be longer, we will let you know ASAP 
  • Where we do not carry stock on hand, this will be highlighted in the description of the item as Non-Stocked and an approximate lead-time may also be shown 
  • In the case of Non-Stocked items, the above back-order rules don’t apply 


  • The prices shown on this website for any items do not include delivery 
  • The delivery charge applies to one order – one delivery 
  • Should you choose not to wait for any back-ordered item we reserve the right to apply separate and/or additional delivery charges for each subsequent delivery 
  • Delivery charges will show separately at the end of your order and can vary according to:
    • The shipping weight and/or dimensions of your order 
    • The location of your chosen delivery address 
    • The method of freight and the freight company making the delivery 
  • Freight companies are classified as general carriers and as such do not cover damage to, or the loss of goods in transit. 


  • GSR Laser Tools only sells quality products from reputable and trustworthy suppliers 
  • All products offered for sale have a manufacturer’s warranty – in most cases 12 months from date of purchase 
  • Some of our high-quality items have 2, 3 and even 5-year warranties 
  • All warranties are bound by the manufacturer’s individual terms and conditions and are valid from the date of purchase 
  • Generally speaking, all warranties will cover the items against faulty workmanship and inherent defects in the manufacturing process 
  • In ALL cases it is the customer’s responsibility to produce their proof of purchase when making any warranty claims 
  • Warranty claims cannot be processed without positive proof of purchase 
  • Whilst on certain occasions we may be able to assist, GSR Laser Tools shall not be responsible for providing any historical data to support a customer’s claim. 
  • For this reason we strongly suggest you safely store and keep your original tax Invoice for at least the full length of the product warranty period 
  • Warranties will only cover items used for their intended purpose and by suitable trained and/or qualified operators 
  • Please contact us if you have any questions with regard to warranty issues, as we are always happy to help 


  • The items displayed on our website are generally kept in stock or are available within a few days from our suppliers 
  • Where there is a longer lead time, such as in the case of imported items that are not kept in stock, this will be clearly indicated in the within details displayed for that item. Wherever possible, an estimated delivery time (from time of order and payment) will also be displayed. 
  • This is a standard business practice and should not cause you any concern. It means our stock is always new and the most current model available, so you’re always guaranteed to get the best. 
  • We will keep you up to date with the delivery schedule of these items, so you’ll always know when to expect them. 
  • In the case of all shipping and transport matters, actual delivery times cannot be guaranteed due to circumstances beyond our control. But we will always endeavour to ship your order as soon as we can. 
  • Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the availability of an item before you place your order 


  • Any specifications displayed on this website are provided to us by the manufacturer and as such, are supplied only as an approximate guide 
  • Whilst we will endeavour to keep this information up-to-date, we cannot accept responsibility for any changes to the specifications made by the manufacturer for which we have not been previously advised 
  • All photographs, images, movies, drawings and illustrations (including colours and styles) are only provided as a guide and are subject to change without notice 
  • Unless specifically mentioned, items do not include any of the options, props or accessories used in any of the above mentioned visual display devices 
  • Should you require an item specifically because of the way it appears in any of these visual display devices, please contact us before ordering to enquire if it is available in such configuration 


  • It is the customer’s responsibility to satisfy themselves as to the suitability of any product for its intended use and of their ability to safely operate it, before making any purchase
  • Whilst we may give advice, limited by the information we’re given, we cannot be held responsible for any choices a customer makes when buying any item 
  • Furthermore, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they have adequate training to safely operate any equipment they purchase 
  • Additionally, it is the customer’s responsibility to take all necessary precautions when using any item to avoid personal injury to themselves and to others 
  • All products are used at your own risk 

Weights and Measures 

  • All items for sale on our website have a shipping weight, which is used to calculate the cost of freight relative to its destination 
  • The shipping weight may not relate to the actual weight of any item 
  • Shipping weight can vary widely from the actual weight due to the size, volume, shape and dimensions of any object and can also include the packaging of any item 
  • Should you have any questions regarding the shipping weight of any item, please contact us before ordering 

Returns and Refunds 

  • Please Choose Carefully 
  • We don’t normally give refunds if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision 
  • Exchanges and refunds can be given where goods are faulty, wrongly described, different from a sample shown to you or don’t do what they are supposed to do 
  • In all cases you should contact us first to explain why you wish to return any item 
  • Once we approve the return, in principal, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to do so in a timely manner and at their own cost 
  • Any item accepted for return will be subject to examination and must be unused, in its original packaging and be in re-saleable condition 
  • If we decide to accept any item for return there will be a re-stocking fee applied, which may vary depending upon the item to be returned 
  • Whether we offer you a refund or exchange will be at our discretion
  • No returns accepted after 30 days. Minimum Restocking : 20%