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Industrial Precision Lasers Tools

Laser Tools Co., Inc. has been at the forefront of laser technology development.  We have been working tirelessly to continue producing innovative laser products that provide many industries with increased productivity and zero downtime. Laser Tools Co., Inc. specializes in the production of various Laser Tools including intrinsically safe laser products used in high-precision industries. With industries requiring laser technologies for utmost precision, perfection is the only option.
Our wide range of products has been the top choice of industrial, commercial, mining, and marine industries. We have widened our product range to include optics and small machined parts.This makes it easier for our clients to order almost everything they need.  All our lasers are designed, machined and assembled in the USA.
Our laser systems have been the top choice for clients in the commercial, industrial, mining, and marine industries. We’ve added optics and small machined parts to our wide range of products to help our customers find almost everything they need in one place.

Alignment Lasers, Mining and Tunnelling Lasers, Industrial Lasers, Construction Lasers, Green light technology, Laser Pulley / Sheave alignment tool, Laser mounts & accessories and more.

For any further information on Laser Tools products please call or send us an email, or check later for more listings.
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  • LTA L202A Dual Beam Alignment Laser with individually switched laser beams. Multiple Uses and Functions. Two visible laser beams shoot in opposite directions. Align two points from the middle. For current availability please call.

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