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MCE Lasers is Australia’s only complete manufacturer of laser levels, machine control systems, pipe-laying lasers, tunnel lasers and measuring instruments.

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Any of the MCE Lasers products made in Australia will be marked as "Made in Australia"

Agriculture & Land Levelling
Alignment and levelling lasers are used widely on farms to improve productivity. MCE Lasers has been developing lasers for on-farm use for over twenty years. Today we offer an unrivalled range of land levelling solutions that will increase the competitiveness of your farming businesses in domestic and global markets. 

Industrial Alignment
High precision alignment can improve efficiency and reduce costs. The applications are limited only by your imagination. The MCE Lasers industrial alignment product range includes precision alignment, slope sensors, and underground drilling lasers. We can also develop a tailored solution to meet your precision alignment needs, no matter what your industry. 

Civil, Building and Construction
For the Construction market, MCE Lasers has a proven range of products that are efficient, reliable and will meet your budget requirements. This range includes laser levels, grade laser, pipe lasers, receiving systems, GPS, as well as line and dot lasers ...

Mining & Tunnelling
MCE Lasers has adapted laser technology to meet the needs of the mining and tunnelling industry. This innovative range includes intrinsically safe (explosion proof) lasers, and tunnelling lasers with a superior range of up to 2 km. Single beam and dual beam lasers with tailored receiver technology can meet your underground alignment needs.

Safety & Monitoring
Lasers applied in safety and monitoring systems are growing in popularity. MCE Lasers’ off-the-shelf high precision instruments can meet a wide range of safety and monitoring requirements, including angle and slope monitoring, intrusion detection and remote triggering. 

Medical and Therapeutic
MCE Lasers has extended its product range to include medical and therapeutic lasers for veterinary applications. Lasers may provide deep tissue stimulation for large animals such as horses and greyhounds, which can contribute to speeding up recovery time and healing after injury.
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Designed for Harsh operation Environments

As only a small selection of Instruments are listed please call 61-(8)-9409 4058 or email your enquiry on any product of interest.

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  • MCE XLiner Combo 5 Dot & Cross Line Laser MCEXLCOMBO

    The MCE XLiner Combo Point and Cross Line Laser is an automatic self-levelling multi-purpose tool that can be used in a wide variety of construction applications. It eliminates the need for a contractor to purchase two tools, a 5 beam pointer and a cross line laser, by combining both into one simple small product. With the addition of the optional laser receiver the 5 point & cross line laser is also ideal for short-range exterior general levelling and alignment tasks including elevation checks for decks, pools, septic tank installation, masonry work, and landscaping.

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    $437.80 (AUD inc GST)
  • Fencing Laser Pro FP550 MCEFEPRFP550

    Stay in line from the first post to the last. The only laser of its kind delivering fencing contractors a professional and easy to set up alignment tool. The MCE Fence Pro has been designed by fencing contractors to make the installation of long range rural fencing easy. For price and availability please call or email to

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  • MCE SB300-MR Tunnel Tail Laser MCESB300MR

    The MCE SB300-MR Medium Range Tunnel Tail Laser has a working range of up to 250m. With its mounting sleeve fitted the alignment laser will only need a small hole to be drilled into the rock wall. Precision alignment can improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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  • MCE Economy Pipeguide LS140E MCELS140E

    The Australian made & supported MCE economy standard LS140E Red beam Pipelaser has been developed by MCE to provide an economical and efficient way to increase your productivity and accuracy when laying pipes. Australian made. For price and availability please call.

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  • MCE Inclinometer Kit MCE001K

    MCE Industrial Inclinometer Kit. Capable of measuring the angular position of an instrument up to a fine resolution of 0.01 of a degree, the digital inclinometer is a very useful product. Measurements can be displayed in degrees, ratio or percentage and the system is capable of displaying readings from a specified point

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  • MCE Laser Bullet 0223 MCELABU223

    MCE Laser Bullet. Laser Bullets which can literally save you hours when aligning your Scopes or Sights to your Rifle. Australian made. For price and availability please call.

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  • MCE LD60 Long Range Laser MCELD6025

    The MCE LD60 Long Range Laser has an focusable laser beam used for long distance alignment. Used in application such as tunnelling and mining. The beam can be focused by the operator as needed, while visibility depends on working circumstances. Choice of Red or Green Beam Laser. Range to 850m. Intrinsically safe laser on order can be supplied when working in gaseous enviroments. Made in Australia. 

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  • MCE Long Range Tunnel Laser MCEPI750

    The MCE PI750 is a Long Range Automatic Plumb Indication System. Used for vertical shaft alignment. Establish and check control points from your reference vertical down or up to 750m. Models for Nadir or Zenith application. Made to order. Lead time around 6 weeks. Made in Australia.

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  • Free Shipping

    MCE LS230RE Laser Grader MCELS230RELG

    Looking for a proven, reliable and robust Dual Grade Long Range laser? A laser you can count on to increase efficiency? A laser that is site tough? The MCE LS230RE Laser Grader meets all of your job site needs, from layout to grade control. Tried the rest, now it’s time for the best. One off the MCE Lasers especially suited for agricultural applications. Range to 1.4km. For current price and availability please call.

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  • MCE LS4V4H Multi Line Laser

    MCE LS4V4H Motorised fully automatic Multi line Laser. Nine Self Levelling Laser Beams. Manual mode with electronic adjustment in two axis. 4 Vertical, 4 Horizontal (for full 360° Laser line) & 1 Plumb laser beam. For Outdoor application please select the Laser Receiver included option.

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    MCE LS4V4H Multi Line Laser
    $880.00 (AUD inc GST)
    MCE LS4V4H Multi Line Laser & Receiver
    $935.00 (AUD inc GST)
  • MCE Pipeguide LS140B MCELS140B

    MCE Pipeguide LS140B Red beam Pipelaser. We have remodelled the MCE LS140B pipe laying laser to give you the brightest beam allowed by law, along with the most advanced features in the world. And it couldn't be easier to use. Australian made.

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  • MCE Pipeguide LS140G MCELS140G

    MCE Pipeguide LS140G Green beam Pipelaser. We have remodelled the MCE LS140G green beam pipe laying laser to give you the brightest beam allowed by law, along with the most advanced features in the world. And it couldn't be easier to use. Australian made.

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  • On Sale

    MCE R45BM Machine Laser Receiver

    The strong and compact MCE R45B & R45BM  Machine control laser Receiver allows the operator to dig to grade by observing the bright LED display to show where the machine’s cutting edge is with regards to laser level set-up.

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    MCE R45BM Receiver-Magnetic Mount
    $1,094.50 (AUD inc GST)
    MCE R45B Receiver-Standard Mount
    $1,122.00 (AUD inc GST)
  • MCE Rotec Self Leveling Laser Level MCEROTLSRH

    The MCE Rotec range of precision rotary laser levels has been specially developed for use in building and construction and is ideal for formwork layout, concreting applications and suspended ceiling installation. Three models to choose from. Professional quality. 

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  • MCE SIPI Slope Indicator MCESIPI

    The Slope Indicator is an electronic two-axis slope sensing system for rapid zero setting. The unit is strong and compact, with waterproof and aluminium construction to survive harsh work conditions. An ideal Tool for aligning Drilling rigs, Augers, Boat stability, Shaft excavation, Lift or crane safety indicators and more.

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  • MCE Wall Mount B-WM

    The MCE heavy duty  Wall & Ceiling Bracket is ideal for suspended ceilings and plaster work. The wall bracket can also be used in vertical applications whilst laid on the floor. 

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    $220.00 (AUD inc GST)
  • MCE Wheel Alignment Laser WA 007 MCEWA007

    Laser Wheel Alignment 007 is easier, more accurate and more versatile than other systems of wheel alignment. MCE Lasers have developed a laser ideal for this application. The Wheel Alignment Laser consists of a sealed beam universal laser diode fixed to a precision clamp and calibrated.

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