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Clegg Hammer - Impact Soil Tester

Wherever, whenever there is evaluation or construction of earthworks, roadworks or airstrips, the Clegg Impact Soil Tester offers quick, useful and convenient soil strength / stiffness and uniformity testing.

For more information on the various Non Destructive Impact Testing
Please click link to the print friendly pdf version.
Designed & Built in Australia for Australian conditions
Dr Baden Clegg Pty Ltd, founding director Dr Baden Clegg, was established in 1993 to provide an Information Service for the Clegg Impact Soil Tester, also known as the Clegg Hammer.
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  • Clegg Impact Soil Tester 4.5kg CLEGG45KG

    The Clegg 4.5 Kg non destructive impact soil tester was originally designed to quickly, easily and cost-effectively test the strength & compactness characteristics of soil materials (including soft rocks and lightly stabilised materials) as used in road construction for standard lift thicknesses. 

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