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Yamayo Measuring Tools - Japan

Measuring the world with reliable length

Since its foundation in 1906,Yamayo Measuring Tools Co. Ltd, has been specializing in the manufacture of measuring devices and is further making progress in building an excellent reputation for technical innovation and leadership in our own field.
Today Yamayo is a leading manufacturer in Japan and has been recognized to place the JIS Mark (grade 1st) on each of our products according to the Japanese Industrial Standard specification stipulated by the Government.
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  • Yamayo 100m Tape Open Reel SS Frame MTASYY100

    Yamayo 100m Stilon Open Reel Steel Measuring Tape. SS Steel Frame. 50N pull, 20°. Highest quality, Made in Japan.

    $330.00 (AUD inc GST)
  • The portable Yamayo 50m PVC “Million” Open Reel Water Level Indicator consists of a durable fiberglass tape in an open type reel frame. The probe is waterproof and resistant to corrosion. Ideal for water level measuring and monitoring. 

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    $594.00 (AUD inc GST)
  • Yamayo 50m Steel open Reel measuring tape MTASYY50

    This high quality nylon coated open reel steel measuring tape is practically unbreakable. It is tough, durable and rust resistant, even against seawater. Easy to clean in water and very accurate.  Open reel, 3:1 ratio (fast retrieve) Made in Japan. 

    $137.50 (AUD inc GST)
    Out of stock
  • Yamayo Diameter Tapes measure both distance and diameter making them the perfect tool for forestry, tree felling and environmental research. They are also commonly used to measure the diameter or rain water tanks and pipes.

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    Yamayo D3M10 Diameter Tape with hook
    $49.50 (AUD inc GST)
    Yamayo D5M20 Diameter Tape with hook
    $66.00 (AUD inc GST)
  • The Yamayo Water Level Rope is a portable Water level indicator instrument for measuring the water level and total depth in boreholes, wells and reservoirs. These portable devices also offer an economical alternative to installing liquid level sensors to each borehole or well since they are easily carried from one location to another. PVC coated fiberglass tape in ABS Case.  Available Lenghts: 50m & 100m.
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    Yamayo 50m Water Level Rope
    $693.00 (AUD inc GST)
    Yamayo 100m Water Level Rope
    $797.50 (AUD inc GST)
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