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Latec Instruments is a Canadian Design and Manufacturing Company focusing on various market segments including Agriculture, Construction, Surveying and Recreation.

Specialising in lasers, inclinometers & machine control systems.

As a specialty niche market manufacturer Latec Instruments also seek out customers that have unique needs whereby lasers and or machine control may solve a problem or provide a solution.
Their control systems are designed to reduce costs and increase productivity.
The Main distributor also known by many international customers as Futtura Tool & Technology is based in Dallas Texas, USA
Soon to be listed Futtura Latec CR5 Combination Receiver, Latec Level Master LM5 Slope meter, Latec Level Master LM2 , LM5 series of Slope meters.
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  • The Latec Magna Plumb MP-2 vertical indicator indicates the vertical tilt angle of backhoes or excavator booms enabling the operator to repeatedly return the dipper arm to the vertically level position by using the highly visible LED display. 

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    $1,199.00 (AUD inc GST)
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