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Laser Aligning

The misalignment of pulleys can produce frequent breakdowns, and increase in noise and vibration, higher energy consumption and greater wear of belts and pulleys.

Therefore, the precise alignment of pulleys is essential to reduce the costs of maintenance. 

Avoid :
Vertical angle misalignment
Horizontal angle misalignment
Parallel misalignment

Simple & easy tool to use 

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  • Easy Laser D90 BTA D90BTA

    The Easy Laser D90 BTA is the perfect tool for sheave and pulley alignment. Mounted in a few seconds, the laser line projected onto the targets allows you to quickly ascertain and correct the misalignment. It could not be easier. For price & availability please call.  

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  • Fencing Laser Pro FP550 MCEFEPRFP550

    Stay in line from the first post to the last. The only laser of its kind delivering fencing contractors a professional and easy to set up alignment tool. The MCE Fence Pro has been designed by fencing contractors to make the installation of long range rural fencing easy. For price and availability please call or email to

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  • LTA L202 Dual Beam Alignment Laser LTC202ADB

    LTA L202A Dual Beam Alignment Laser with individually switched laser beams. Multiple Uses and Functions. Two visible laser beams shoot in opposite directions. Align two points from the middle. For current availability please call.

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  • MCE Laser Bullet 0223 MCELABU223

    MCE Laser Bullet. Laser Bullets which can literally save you hours when aligning your Scopes or Sights to your Rifle. Australian made. For price and availability please call.

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