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In the normal course of business, we will ask you for relevant personal information to allow us to safely and securely record, process and deliver your orders.

It will also allow us to send you special pricing and new-release product information by e-mail so you’ll always be the first to know. You can unsubscribe from this e-mail whenever you receive it.

The type of information we record can include such details as: 

  • your full name and home/delivery address 
  • your telephone, fax and/or mobile numbers 
  • your e-mail address and GSR website username and password 
  • a history of any previous orders and details of the items purchased

Other than the amounts charged and the prices paid, we do not record any other financial details.

Some or all of this information may be given to third parties, such as freight or shipping companies, so that your order can be delivered as requested.

Any bulk-mailing (post or e-mail) will only be generated by us and your addresses will only be given to third-party organizations for the purpose of delivering this mail.

Should you not want your information to be retained you’ll need to send us an e-mail or letter stating that you’d like your details removed from our database. If you choose to do this you’ll need to make your next order as a new customer and enter your details again.

If you have any questions relating to this matter, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss this with you further.