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  • New

    Markrite 104 Ruled Field Book
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    Markrite 104 Level Book
    $24.75 (AUD inc GST)
    Markrite 104 Level Book Pack of 10
    $224.95 (AUD inc GST)
  • New

    Markrite Waterproof 100S Rise and Fall Level Field Book
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    Markrite 100S Level Book
    $23.95 (AUD inc GST)
    Markrite 100S Level Book Pack of 10
    $219.60 (AUD inc GST)
  • New

    Markrite 101S Spiral Bound Field Book
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    Markrite 101S Level Book
    $23.95 (AUD inc GST)
    Markrite 101S Level Book Pack of 10
    $219.60 (AUD inc GST)
  • New

    The Telefix 33cm VHP is ideal to measure the height of just about anything; vehicles, high jump cross bars, animals, material loads etc.

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    Telefix 5m VHP w/33cm Crossbar
    $715.00 (AUD inc GST)
    Telefix 6m VHP w/33cm Crossbar
    $803.00 (AUD inc GST)
    Telefix 8m VHP w/33cm Crossbar
    $957.00 (AUD inc GST)
    Telefix 10m VHP w/33cm Crossbar
    $1,078.00 (AUD inc GST)
  • Sokkia Surveyors Field Bag. Keep your work bag organised, while storing all the essentials that you need throughout the day.  View More

    $66.00 (AUD inc GST)
    RRP: $99.00
  • Featured Product

    The Metrica Zoom 120 Laser Distance Measurer offers a 4X zoom Camera with viewfinder Photo of the measured point with measurement, memory, Video & Voice recording with memo. Dual digital inclinometer. Continuous measurement function, with max / min     

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    $638.00 (AUD inc GST)
  • The small optical plummet FG-OLN with Wild/Leica Claw system from FPM (Freiberg) is for the exact positioning above reference points. 

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    $1,375.00 (AUD inc GST)
  • Featured Product

    Geological Compass with Mirror, Engraved Circle & Inclinometer. The Freiberger GeKo Compass is an all-metal, German-made geological compass.
    The Geologist’s Compasses are primarily used to measure orientation of geological structures. 
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    $1,430.00 (AUD inc GST)
  • The GSR Auto Level with 24x or 32x  Magnification is a great value instrument. A general midrange Builders / Survey level. View More

    GSR 24x Auto Level
    $299.20 (AUD inc GST)
    GSR 32x Auto Level
    $352.00 (AUD inc GST)
Results 1 - 9 of 9 Show: Sort By: