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Kustom Signals 

Kustom Signals is a trusted brand, recognised globally for it’s dedication to serving the traffic safety equipment needs of law enforcement.
A leader in public safety technology, we design, manufacture and market innovative Radar, Lidar, Video solutions and Speed calming devices. 
Our range of flagship law enforcement products include: G3 Vision, ProLaser 4 and Raptor RP-1. 
Our products are designed for and by law enforcement professionals to deliver equipment that is easy to use and stands up to tough, real-world conditions. Guaranteeing Kustom Signals is synonymous with superior product performance and unrivaled service.
For nearly 50 years, Kustom Signal have been right there with you, meeting your demands, expanding your capabilities and extending your reach. 
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    The Kustom Signals Laser Cam 4 is a High-Performance Hand-Held Lidar Speed Measuring Gun with Video Recording. The Laser Cam 4 offers greater range to target, faster acquisition time, and image resolution of plates at longer distances, providing a comprehensive video record of speed enforcement and target tracking history. For price, availability & configuration email
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