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Kustom Signals Pro-Lite Plus

  • Kustom Signals Pro-Lite Plus

    Kustom Signals Pro-Lite Plus KUSIPLP

    The Kustom Signal Pro-Lite Plus Binocular style LIDAR is a compact, lightweight Speed Detection Unit and capable to be interfaced with PC. 
    The Heads-Ups Display (HUD) provides 1:1 viewing, without magnification, for precise vehicle targeting, less eye strain and exceptional target accuracy. 
    When using the HUD you'll see the target area and surrounding traffic and an illuminated aiming reticle to help you pinpoint your target. The "point-and-shoot" operation is ideal for motor officers or even foot patrol officers. With both eyes remaining open, this lightweight unit allows for hours of operation without eye strain or physical stress. 
    The environmental mode eliminates the effect of poor weather conditions when shooting. The selectable direction mode prevents unintentional aquisition of opposite lanes of traffic, it also has the capability of setting minimum and maximum target ranges. 
    Portable and Easy to Use
    - Small prole: only 3.3 cm high and . 0.5 kg with batteries
    - Simple 4-button user interface
    - Selectable direction mode (approaching, receding or both)
    - Min/Max range setting for school or work zone enforcement
    - Stopwatch mode for average speed over distance
    - 2x AA batteries
    - Measurements both in HUD and rear display.
    Fast, Target Specific Acquisition
    - Head-Up display provides 1:1 viewing for safer, both-eyes-open
    - Head-Up display minimizes eye fatigue
    - Audio tone feedback indicates target acquisition
    - Continuous tracking history
    Other Key Features
    - RS232 Conectivity
    The I/O connector on the front side of the Pro-Lite+
    provides a means to connect an external computer,
    data storage or Giant Display device to the instrument.
    In a typical application, this might be used to display
    or store speed-readings from the Pro-Lite+.
    - Adjustable HUD brightness, backlight brightness
      and adjustable volume control
    - lluminated HUD for day/night operation
    - Backlit display for night operation
    - Superb balance
    - Inclement weather mode 
    - Lightweight and durable
    - Glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate housing
    - Protective overlays (housing and lenses) are Elastix polymer and the keypad is
      silicon rubber.
    Speed accuracy
    Speed range
    Range accuracy
    Range resolution
    I/O data port
    Eye safety
    +/- 2km/h
    16 to 320 km/h
    +/- 15 cm
    0.1 m
    8 m to 610 m
    2x AA batteries
    RS-232 serial port
    540 g
    CDRH Class 1 IEC60825-1
    - Pro-Lite+
    - Lanyard
    - Soft case
    - 2 x AA batteries
    Optional accessories:
    - PC to laser interface cable
    - LaserStat trafc statistics software
    - Lockable motorcycle holsters for multiple models

    Click here for  Pro-Lite Plus Traffic Safety LIDAR pdf brochure