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HIRE-OKM exp 5000 Pro 3D Ground Scanner

  • HIRE-OKM exp 5000 Pro 3D Ground Scanner

    HIRE-OKM exp 5000 Pro 3D Ground Scanner OKMEXP5000

    OKM exp 5000 Pro Gold Edition 3D Earth Imager

    Underground Metal Detector / Ground scanner / Subsurface detection

    Suitable for professionals in the fields of Archeology, Industrial Ground scanning & locating, Geophysical & Gold Prospecting

    Available for hire to suitable professional. Training provided at additional charge.

    Any inquiries please send us an email including your details to :

    A metal detector helps you to locate objects which are buried under the ground. It is used to find targets under the surface of the ground without the need to dig. A metal detector can locate all type of metals like gold, silver, copper, aluminium, iron targets and other valuable targets. The indication of a detected object can be via acoustical signal, a digital display, an analog display, a signal lamp or an image or curve. The metal detector / Earth Imager eXp 5000 Pro is a measuring instrument.

    A measuring instrument that measures the anomalies of the underground. So it is possible to locate buried objects, underground voids, water deposits or foundations which are located under the ground. It is a measuring instrument of newest technology and has been developed in particular for professional use. Through the supplied video eyeglasses buried objects like boxes, pipes, metals but also cavities and grave chambers under the surface becomes visible immediately. Furthermore the video eyeglasses are optimised for the search during the night and also protects against perturbing sunlight at day. 
    Compact equipment and easy handling :
    The Earth Imager is a high technology metal detectors Ground scanner with graphical representation of the searched underground. The Earth Imager eXp 5000 Pro includes an easily removable control unit which makes it easier to use in different areas. With its compact equipment the device is also easy to handle in terrains which are difficult to access. The video eyewear of the metal detector eXp 5000 makes underground treasures visible. 
    Fast processing of measured data :
    The device allows measurements in brilliant resolutions. All recorded data is processed immediately through the integrated pc-module and becomes visible through the video eyeglasses. The size of any measurement is almost indefinite and only limited by the storage capacity of 256 MB. All collected measured data can be transferred afterwards to a laptop or personal computer to analyse the results professionally with the help of the software program Visualizer 3D. Besides the measuring values additional information like
    - the date and time
    - the antenna used
    - the data of the GPS 

    Scan & Analyse
    1 Cavity & 3 non ferrous Targets
    resulting in 4 gold nuggets 

    The current measurement settings will be stored in every graphical representation automatically. Date and time settings can be adapted individually to the actual time zone. 

    Individual operating modes :
    The geophysical instrument and metal detector eXp 5000 supports different operating modes which can be used for specific underground investigations. According to your personal requirements one of the following operating modes comes into operation: 
    A magnetometer is a scientific instrument used to measure the strength and/or direction of the magnetic field and their disturbances. So it is possible to locate buried targets. Magnetometers are used in geophysical surveys to find deposits of iron because they can measure the magnetic field variations caused by the deposits. Magnetometers are also used to detect archaeological sites, shipwrecks and other buried or submerged objects. The Magnetometer mode of FS Future Series devices mostly is used to locate ferrous objects which are located near to the surface of the ground. This function is very useful to eliminate small trash from the surface and in fact prepare the scan area for a professional measurement in the Ground Scan mode. 
    Ground Scan
    Ground Scan is the operating mode where the searcher is able to receive a 3d image of the underground by scanning an area. The searcher has to walk over the ground with an antenna to scan an area. So it is possible to visualize the underground and its anomalies. In the mode Ground Scan it is also possible to measure the position, depth and size of underground objects or voids. Ground Scan (create colored representations of the underground in 3D)  
    Discrimination (Metal Discrimination)
    Metal discrimination is the possibility to find out the type of metal which is buried under the ground. There is a regulator on the antenna or device, which can be adjusted on a specific type of metal like gold, silver, iron or aluminium. The metal detector filters out all materials which you don’t like to detect. This feature prevents the treasure hunter / prospector who is only searching for precious metals from useless digging. Some antennas can discriminate between ferrous and nonferrous metals and other antennas can tell you the exact type of metal. (metal discrimination : precious metals / base metals) By using the Supersensor it is possible to distinguish between precious and non precious metals as well as cavities. The metal discrimination is possible up to a depth of 25 meters. 
    Metal Detector
    A metal detector helps you to locate objects which are buried under the ground. It is used to find targets under the surface of the ground without the need to dig. A metal detector can locate all type of metals like Gold, Silver, Copper, Aluminium, Iron targets and other valuable targets. The indication of a detected object can be via acoustical signal, a digital display, an analog display, a signal lamp or an image or curve.
    By the help of FS-Thermoscan differences in temperature on the surface of the ground can be located. So warm and cold areas can be determined and it is possible to conclude to conclude to voids and other anomalies.
    The Livescan shows the image of the underground in real time. The scan width is 50 cm. By using the Livestream sensor metals and voids up to 25 meters become visible. 
    Following are 3 real life sample images from different locations, proven results on non ferrous targets (gold), scanned & located in Western Australia. In this example the 100cm, 50cm, 25cm GPR Probes, Super Senseor & the 3D Visualizer software have been used. Location of the target has been established to be within 100mm (the best) & the worst to be within 200mm.
    Below application images, Scanning & Gold Prospecting.
     Overview of what's in the Kit
    Software Visualizer 3D
    The advanced Visualizer 3D graphical representations  software enables you analize the object and allows for you to calculate approximate size and depth.
    The Video Eyeglasses are used as the display for this device. All menus and graphical representations are represented via these video eyeglasses. 
    The audio and sound output is been realized via the Headphones of the video eyewear. Via the VGA plug and USB plug the video eyewear are connected with the Control unit. 
    GPR probes (25cm, 50cm, 75cm, 100cm)
    These horizontal gpr antennas can be used for measurement in different areas to locate metals, voids, water or underwater. They are used in the Ground Scan mode to receive a 3d image of the underground. The gpr antenna 25cm is especially interesting for searchers who have to scan areas with difficult access. This smallest antenna is used for detailed research, to detect small objects.
    DDV system
    The DDV system is a visual detector system to discriminate between different types of metals. So it is possible to find out if there is iron, gold, silver or aluminium under the ground. This metal detector is important to avoid digging e.g. for non precious metals. The metal detector find the targets and give the information via a audible sound over the headphones and also visually via the video goggles.
    Antenna for tunnel detection
    This antenna is a high resolution sensor which is specially optimized on the research and detection of hidden voids like tunnels, rooms, chests, tombs, graves and others. You can receive a 3d underground image with this antenna, where voids are represented in particulary and with high resolution. The antenna for tunnel detection is a must for all seekers who wants to look for cavities, bunkers, tunnel systems, tombs and graves, treasure chambers, chests, boxes or nonmetallic targets like vases or hollow-ware.
    The Super sensor can be used for high resolution ground scans (3d images) and for discriminating between ferrous (e.g. iron, steel) and nonferrous metals (e.g. gold, silver) in high depth. It is specialized on detecting precious metals and can locate small sized metals deeper than the gpr antennas. The Super sensor is an absolute must for all professional treasure seekers and gold prospectors. 
    Livestream sensor
    The livestream sensor allows the searcher to see live into the ground.
    All buried objects, voids and underground anomalies are visible in real time via the video goggles while walking over the ground. 
    The Thermoscan is a long range device which recognize differences of temperatures on the surface of the ground.
    Due to this infrared measurement it is possible to locate voids like treasure chambers or caves under the ground. 

    Please click here to Download a PDF Brochure-OKM exp 5000 Pro Gold Edition