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imex LX22G Cross Line Plumb Laser

  • imex LX22G Cross Line Plumb Laser

    imex LX22G Cross Line Plumb Laser IMEXLX22G

    Imex LX22G Cross Line with Plumb Green Beam Laser

    Used for cabinet installation, wall and floor tiling, wall partitions, window and door placement, interior decorating, ceilings & dry walling, electrical switch and light placement, balustrades, fencing, foundations, brick work set out, concrete work, plumbing set-out, steel fabrication alignment and set out.
    This Cross Line Laser level comes with a sturdy magnetic bracket enabling quick release  of the laser with out screws. The Imex LX22G Cross line Laser Plumb level is a laser line level that projects sharp, bright lines across a room with a high level of accuracy.
    The LX22G Green Beam Laser has a locking pendulum, which is both a very important safety feature to protect the integrity of the laser level and a useful feature for projecting lines out of level when needed.This Cross Line Laser has an IP rating of IP54 which is excellent for all applications.
    Imex LX22G Specifications:
    Self Levelling range    
    Out of level indication 
    Laser lines / dot
    Laser accuracy
    Laser class
    Laser wavelength
    Laser distance
    Laser distance with optional detector
    Laser fan angle
    Power Source 
    Charging type
    Run time – both beams
    Control switch
    Magnetic bracket
    IP Rating
    Operating temperature
    Storage Temperature
    4° +/- 1
    laser blinks on/off
    1 vertical, 1 horizontal line, plumb up/down dots
    +/-  3mm at 10m
    Class 2
    520 +/- 10nm
    15m light dependent
    H 180° V 130°
    5.2 Ah lithium ion, 3x AAA alkaline option
    beams 8 hrs approx.
    1 button, pendulum lock
    Quick release
    -10° to +50°C
    -20° to +70°C
    3 years
    Supplied with:
    - LX22G Cross Line Laser
    - Lithium battery
    - Alkaline battery
    - Magnetic bracket
    - Operating manual
    - Sturdy carry case
    Note: Certificate of Calibration verifying its accuracy available on request. 
             Dated on the day of purchase.



    $499.40 (AUD inc GST)