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Imex i88G Rotating Laser Green Beam w/LRX10 Receiver

  • Imex i88G Rotating Laser Green Beam w/LRX10 Receiver

    Imex i88G Rotating Laser Green Beam w/LRX10 Receiver IMEXi88G

    The i88G is packed with features including manual dual slope mode to 5°, horizontal/vertical operation, 90mm pick-up mm reading detector, lithium battery and USB charging.
    The green beam visibility gives the option of using the laser without the detector in interior applications, increasing efficiency and versatility.

    The simplified design elements and robust componentry also mean reduced calibration and service requirements. All backed by Imex warranty, service and innovative approach. The i88G laser comes with a new green beam laser diode. The human eye responds many times better to green than red, subsequently the laser diodes use less power for better performance, run cooler are safe and perform better in both exterior and interior. Potential eye damage is minimized and the laser line is more accurate and precise.
    The LRX10 Receiver,
    made in Germany
    - Robust construction tough horizontal/vertical  laser level
    - Horizontal/vertical self levelling (electronic), 600m range, dual manual grade
    - Calibration Certificate
    - 9Ah lithium-ion battery, approx. 24 hours run time
    - USB quick charge port with car charger
    - LRX10 Digital Detector in mm reading (German made)
    - 90mm Detector reading ultra fine, fine, medium, course and ultra course
    - Scan Mode - allows for part beam rotation in selected working environments,
      i.e. on interior walls, busy work-sites where other laser interference may be
      present. Various scan lengths and   rotation placement.
    - Dual Grade - grade slope to 5° ( 8.8%) in two directions, X & Y axis
      simultaneously for true grade control. Ideal for pipe layout or concrete slab falls.
    - Plumb Spot - top and bottom plumb spot beam to assist in set ups over a point
    - Accuracy - +/- 1.5mm @ 30 metres for excellent results every time
    - Remote Control Panel - allows grade or other functions to be carried out up to
      20m away from the instrument, for true one-man operation and greater
    - Hi-Visibility Case - unique Imex feature, easy to see on the busiest construction
      site, minimises the risk of the unit being bumped, increasing safety and
    Package Includes:
    - Imex i88G Rotating Laser Green Beam
    - LRX10 Receiver
    - Remote Control
    - USB Cable
    - 9.0Ah Lithium battery
    - 12v Car Charger
    - Target Plate
    - Hard Carry Case
    $1,959.00 (AUD inc GST)