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Nedo Super Measuring Wheel

  • Nedo Super Measuring Wheel

    Nedo Super Measuring Wheel NESMW

    Nedo Super Measuring Wheel. Made in Germany.

    A robust design and quality product, offering a lifetime of reliable distance measuring by professionals, for professionals. Quality made in Germany & Switzerland.

    The counter, which has a display resolution in cm, is mounted securely above the wheel and is driven by a toothed belt. Zero setting is done with a hand lever. 
    The brake is integrated into the sturdy rest support. The ergonomic pistol grip and the rugged aluminium guide bar make handling easy at all times. A clever mechanism permits the guide bar to be folded away for transport.
    Wheel circumference:
    Measuring range:
    Counter arrangement:
    1 m
    0 m to 9,999.99 m
    0.01 m
    approx. 3.65 kg
    0.02 %
    Optional : 
    Rail Track Guide
    Carry Case