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Surveyors Nails & Survey Spikes

Stronger, more durable, higher quality, magnetic, and last longer

Pound it Harder, Find it Farther

Surveyors Mag nails, are used for land surveying and construction layout when critical points are needed to be set in asphalt, wood, or other such surfaces that a nail could be set into.

Since most of the points we set end up in the real world, we have to be able to visually find them in the future. In addition the points set by one particular surveyor may need to be recovered by yet another.

Survey Mag Spikes & Mag Surveyors Nails - Magnetized for easy detection

Optimized for the US made David White Smart Trak ST101 & ST102 Site Pro Magnetic Locator

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  • The newest, toughest and easiest to find Mag Spike Survey deck spike that money can buy.
    Made from high strength steel, this survey marker is the most durable marker in the industry. Like Mag Nail, you can pound it harder ... and find it farther.  Made in USA.
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    Mag Spike Surveyors Nails 75x9.5 mm Box of 25
    $48.40 (AUD inc GST)
    Mag Spike Surveyors Nails 115x9.5 mm, Box of 25
    $51.70 (AUD inc GST)
    Out of stock
    Mag Spike Surveyors Nails 154x9.5 mm, Box of 20
    $60.50 (AUD inc GST)
    Out of stock
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