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Apache Lightning-2 Laser Receiver

  • Apache Lightning-2 Laser Receiver

    Apache Lightning-2 Laser Receiver APLI-2

    Performance - Patented technology provides stable and accurate grade information over the entire jobsite.

    Versatile - Works with all rotating lasers. 3 accuracy levels - tolerances to meet your jobsite needs.

    Bright, Multi-Colour LED's - Provide a visual indication of grade reference.  Easy to see over long distances.

    Strobe Light Rejection Filter - Eliminates false readings from jobsite strobe lights.

    LCD Displays - Front and back - instant easy to see grade inform
    Waterproof and Dustproof - 100% to IP67 standard - Dunk it, scrub it, hose it off - it can take it.

    Tough - We expect it to be dropped, kicked, and splattered with concrete. It's designed to take the abuse of any jobsite.

    2-Year Warranty