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FPM FG-OLN Optical Nadir Plummet

  • FPM FG-OLN Optical Nadir Plummet

    FPM FG-OLN Optical Nadir Plummet FPMFGOLN

    FPM FG-OLN Optical Nadir Plummet, Wild / Leica Claw system

    The FPM FG-OLN is a small optical nadir plummet with an axis system that can rotate freely. Two bubble levels are used to level the instrument
    The 2 adjustable Vials provide a sensitivity of 2 arc minutes per 2mm bubble travel.
    The advantage of the FG-OLN compared to tribrach’s with a built-in optical plummet is that the user can verify whether the plummet is put up correctly or not, simply by rotating the instrument. If the tripod, tribrach and the plummet are not set up correctly the target point/ reticle will start to move
    The instrument is stored in a padded and water-repellent carrying bag.
    - Can be used for the exact positioning of surveying instruments during the erection of
       high-rise buildings, mine shafts, smokestacks, bridges and steel constructions
    - Special measurement tasks in industrial surveying and mine surveying
    - Monitor deformation processes at buildings
    - Exact positioning above reference points
    Technical Specification:
    Accuracy, centering
    Focus range 
    Telescope Magnification
    Bubble levels Sensitivity 
    Temperature Operating temperature
    Weight (kg)   
    Carrying Bag
    +/-  0.25 mm at 1.5 m
    0.5 m to infinity
    3 x
    2‘ / 2mm
    -25°C - +45°C
    FG-OLN ~ 1 kg
    18 x 12.5 x 15 cm
    Click here to download the FPM FG-OLN Brochure                                              
    $1,375.00 (AUD inc GST)