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Spectra Precision CR700 Combination Magnetic Laser Receiver

  • Spectra Precision CR700 Combination Magnetic Laser Receiver

    Spectra Precision CR700 Combination Magnetic Laser Receiver SPCR700

    The Spectra CR700 Receiver is also ideally suited to work in vertical application for alignments control fitted to the supplied vertical holder. The LED's are visible at long range and a vertical drift alarm warns if the laser is disturbed.
    Bright, LED Arrow Display: 
    Red (low), Blue (high) and Green on-grade LEDs are super bright and are visible in all conditions including longer range vertical alignments.
    Magnetic Clamp for Machine Mounting: 
    Powerful magnets for strong attachment to machines is designed not to slip. Easy to quickly install and easy to switch to various machines.
    Laser Radio: 
    Radio-compatible with Spectra Precision grade lasers and HV302. Enables use of time saving functions such as Grade Match, Fingerprinting, PlaneLok and Axis Alignment.
    Light Bar Technology: 
    Accurate, reliable and durable - performance not affected by laser beam diameter, consistent accuracy at all ranges.
    Multiple Accuracies (Deadbands): 
    Six levels offer maximum flexibility to meet jobsite requirements, from rough grading to fine checking.
    Digital Readout of Elevation: 
    Provides the exact distance from grade numerically.
    Rugged & Waterproof: 
    Durable construction designed to withstand all weather and construction site conditions - waterproof, dustproof and warranted to withstand a 3m drop.
    Three Year Warranty: 
    Reliability you can count on.
    Vertical Drift Alarm: 
    When using lasers in vertical mode, the laser receiver warns you if the laser has been disturbed after setting up your line. 
    User Benefits:
    - Allows operator to check grade from the cab increasing productivity and reducing labour
    - Increases safety on the jobsite as a rodman is not needed in the trenches.
    - Versatile - can be used on a machine, on a grade rod and in vertical applications.
    - Increases overall operator and machine efficiency, saving fuel and time.
    - Super bright LEDs can be seen in all working conditions.
    - Works with all rotating lasers or use advanced features with Spectra Precision grade lasers.
    - Fingerprinting technology eliminates any confusion with multiple lasers on the jobsite. 
    Working Radius ( Laser dependent)
    Laser Detection Height
    Numeric Readout Height
    Internal Radio
    Radio Working Radius
    Accuracy (Deadband):
    Ultra Fine
    Super Fine
    Reception Angle
    Detectable Spectrum
    Beeper Volumes
    LED Grade Indicators
    Power Supply
    Battery Life
    Automatic Shut Off
    Weight without clamp
    Dimensions w/o clamp
    Operating Temperature
    Storage Temperature
    1m - 460m
    Full 2-way communication, operation and security lock
    with paired device
    Up to 200m, depending on orientation, conditions and
    paired device
    200° minimum (laser & distance dependent)
    Anti-strobe sensor
    610nm - 780nm
    Loud = 110 dBA, Medium = 95 dBA, Low = 65 dBA
    Green On-grade, Red Hi, Blue Low
    Off, Bright, Super-Bright
    3 x 1.5 Volt "AA" batteries
    60+ hours, 16 continuous backlight
    30 minutes
    Waterproof, Dustproof to IP67
    98 x 200 x 37mm
    -20°C to +60°C
    -40°C to +70°C
    CE EMC / RoHS Compliant
    Supplied with:
    - CR700 Combination Receiver
    - Batteries 3 x AA alkaline
    - Strong magnetic mount
    - Standard staff mounting bracket
    - User guide
    $1,320.00 (AUD inc GST)