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Pro Shot Alpha Laser Level

  • Pro Shot Alpha Laser Level

    Pro Shot Alpha Laser Level PSAL1

    Pro Shot Alpha 1 Automatic Horizontal Laser Level

    The Pro Shot Alpha 1 is a compact and robust construction grade automatic level with class leading features. Made in USA.
    This Class 1 Laser Laser can cover a worksite of up to 600 m diameter. Rotation speed selection of up to 1200 RPM should it be used for machine control applications.
    Larger civil companies have increasingly strict site safety requirements, having a hassle free Class I laser onsite could mean the difference between continuing your work and being interrupted. 
    Fully Self Levelling - Even in Manual single Slope Mode
    For grading applications such as driveways, drainage, car parks - the Alpha can be driven to match any slope up top +/-8%. Unlike other lasers, once a grade has been set the Alpha's self-levelling function is still operating - If the laser is knocked, or temperature / vibration has caused a height variation the laser is still able to compensate.
    Machine Control Compatible
    For laser guided machine control applications the Alpha has got you covered. A high speed 1200 RPM mode has been built in that will give you twice as many laser strikes per second than other lasers in this class. What does this mean for the operator ? Smoother control and higher accuracy.
    Supplied with Pro Shot R9 Receiver & Staff Clamp
    - Reception Height: 50mm
    - Reception Angle: 120 degrees
    - Fine Accuracy Selection: +/-1.0mm
    - Standard Accuracy Selection: +/-1.6mm
    - Coarse Accuracy Selection: +/-3.2mm
    - Display: Front LCD, rear LED lights
    - Speaker Volume: high, low, off
    - Battery Power: 1 x 9V Alkaline battery
    - Battery Life: 60 hours
    Pro Shot Alpha Specification :
    - Accuracy:
    - Operating Diameter:
    - Self Levelling Type:
    - Height alert:
    - Slope Matching Range
    - Rotation Speed:
    - Laser Type:
    - IEC Laser classification:
    - Water & Dust Protection:
    - Operating Temperature:
    - Weight:
    - Battery Power:
    - Battery Life:
    - Warranty:
    - Weight
    +/-10 arc seconds (+/- 5mm/100m !)
    up to 600 m Diameter
    Electronic servo motors +/- 5°
    Normally active, can be disabled
    Single Axis, X Axis Self Levels, 8%
    600 & 1200 RPM, selectable
    Class I
    -20 deg C to +60 deg C
    4 x 'C' Size Alkaline or NiMH batteries
    115 hours alkaline, 65 hours NiMH
    3 Year
    4 Kg
    The Pro Shot Alpha 1 is checked & calibrated by GSR Laser Tools before delivery. Date of Certificate (on request) issued at time of purchase.