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Pro Shot L4.7FL Fencing Laser

  • Pro Shot L4.7FL Fencing Laser

    Pro Shot L4.7FL Fencing Laser PSL47FL

    Pro Shot L4.7FL Fencing Laser can be used with a basic laser receiver for the shorter lines or with the optional "Light box" for Long range alignment. From 2080.00.

    - Improved specification:+/- 2 mm per 30m accuracy   on Level.
    - Optical Telescope for easy alignment.
    - Automatic horizontal, manual vertical, plumb spot   &  right angle.
    - Automatic shut off after 30 minutes when off level.
    - Standard Alkine batteries fitted.
    - Operating time : 50 hrs (Alkaline), 35 hrs
      (optional NiMH charge kit)
    Laser shown with optional Telescope mounted to Bracket
    - Will you ever get there ?
    - Yes and quicker and more accurately.
    - Range 305m radius (with standard receiver) 
    - Range to over 500m radius used with Light Box.

    See attached. Light box is configured to flash both lights when the photocell is hit anywhere over the 125mm range (better for alignment at 500m) and features a rechargeable lead acid battery and is tripod mountable. 

    Standard Package includes Laser, Carry Case, Vertical Bracket & mm Receiver.
    Optional : Light Box & Telescope  
    Any enquiries regarding options, availability and price please call 08-9409 4058 or email to :