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Unilevel UNG6331 Green 360 Multi-line Floor Laser

  • Unilevel UNG6331 Green 360 Multi-line Floor Laser

    Unilevel UNG6331 Green 360 Multi-line Floor Laser UNLEUNG6631

    UNG6631 Auto Levelling 360° 3D Multi-line green floor laser - Full Kit

    Multi Line green laser level with 3 times 360° laser lines. The UNG6631 features 3 ultra bright green laser lines producing a full 360° horizontal line and two 360° vertical lines. This makes the UNG6631 ideal for interior levelling, alignment, plumb and square.
    The UNG6631 features a very low horizontal line, Floor to Line approx. 15mm.
     Ultra bright green laser provides clear visible lines when working inside.
    The UNG6331 features a very low horizontal line which makes this laser particularly good for floor levelling. Simply place the laser level on the floor and pick up all the rises and falls on your flooring. Makes packing, filing, sanding and grinding a snap to get a level floor.
    Simply Power-up by unlocking the pendulum and selecting the required lines on the keypad. Place directly on the floor for levelling its surface or mount on a tripod (optional extra) or its magnetic mount for general levelling and alignments.
    The UNG6631 is powered by a Li-ion rechargeable battery that charges via a USB Cable. The UNG6631 can also use standard “AA” Alkaline batteries. The laser is made with quality components and features a heavy rubberised casing and is suitable for both tradies and the home.
    The UNG6631 comes in a handy carry bag and includes a number of accessories; Adjustable elevating plate, Magnetic Mounting Bracket (mounted either from the top or bottom), Li-ion rechargeable battery, USB Charger and cable, “AA” standard battery holder, Remote control, Steel Mounting Plate, Green Laser Target.
    Laser class
    Water Dust Resistance
    12 Month Warranty
    up to 40m visible indoors
    +/- 3mm at 10mm
    class 3r <5Mw 522nm green
    2000mAh Li-ion Battery or 4x AA Alkaline
    Package Includes:
    - Soft carry case
    - UNG6631 Laser
    - Elevating Platform
    - Laser Target
    - Magnetic Mount with Adjustment
    - Remote Control
    - USB Charging Cable & Charger
    - Li-ion Battery & “AA” Battery holder
    $572.00 (AUD inc GST)