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Skywatch Windoo 2

  • Skywatch Windoo 2

    Skywatch Windoo 2 JDCSWWIN2

    Skywatch Windoo 2 - Smartphone Weather Station

     Before listing the details & specs of the Skywatch Windoo 2 please read a the short intro of 
      "What is a Smartphon Weather Station"
    Skywatch Windoo 1, 2 & 3 are a series of smartphone anemometers & weather stations.
    Place the Windoo into the headphone socket of your smartphone and its multi-directional propeller and sensors will measure and display the wind speed, temperature, humidity and pressure.
    JDC Electronics of Switzerland have drawn on 30 years of experience in design and manufacture before creating the Windoo range. These have been built with sapphire bearings, anodized aluminium housing, stainless steel shaft, a lightweight carbon case and Swiss made sensors. 
    Windoo is the latest smartphone technology and they truly perform with impressive results
    Skywatch Windoo 2
    It measures and indicates the following information:
    -Temperature – Wind chill factor
    -Humidity – Dew point
    -Measured data can be stored and shared on facebook,
     twitter or
    Features :
    Brings weather monitoring to your Smartphone.
    The battery-less Windoo 2 plugs into your Smartphone’s headphone jack.
    Download and use the Windoo 2 app to view readings on the go.
    Housed in a protective stainless steel Body with protective carbon case.
    Small and aesthetic, carry with the included wrist strap or attached to your keychain.
    Technical specifications :
    Wind speed units
    Wind speed resolution
    Wind speed accuracy
    Wind speed range
    Temperature units
    Temperature resolution
    Temperature accuracy
    Temperature range
    Humidity units
    Humidity resolution
    Humidity accuracy
    Humidity measuring range
    Protective case

    km/h, mph, m/s, fps and knots
    0.1 unit
    +/- 2%
    0 - 150 km/h
    °C and °F
    0.1 unit
    +/- 0.3 °C
    -25 °C to +60°C
    % RH
    0.1 unit
    +/- 4.5 %RH
    0 to 100%
    Anodised Aluminium
    20 x 52 mm
    38 gr
    Content and packaging :
    Windoo device
    Carbone protective case
    Key ring
    Wrist strap
    Optional :
    50 cm jack extension cable to dissociate
    the Windoo device from the Smartphone
    Compatible with :  TBA shortly