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What is a Dash Cam?
A Dash Cam is a video camera mounted in a vehicle, typically mounted on the windscreen not on the dash as the name may suggest. These cameras are sometimes called Drive Recorders, DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) or In-Car Cameras. Dash Cams continuously record video and audio as well as other information such as speed, location, date and time directly to a memory card, in most cases, a MicroSD card. Most Dash Cams have continuous recording. This means once the available storage is filled, the oldest footage is recorded over. More on recording time vs storage later.
Multi-channel Drive Recorder systems have also become cost effective for everyday passenger use. They have up to 4 or 8 channels/camera inputs to utilise 12v cameras like reverse cameras. This also gives you a wide choice of camera qualities and placement options. Multi-channel Drive Recorders typically use an internal hard drive to store recorded footage, but some use multiple SD cards.
Dash Cam buyer's Guide, full story please click here
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  • With all the great features of a Full HD dash cam (G-sensor, GPS logging, Motion detection etc.) with the added rear facing camera for the best all-round video evidence,  plus the ADAS, this is a must have driver safety/protection device than anyone can afford. Highly appreciated in mining, transport and fleet logistics application. For price & availability please call or email to

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