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Dual Beam Drill Rig alignment laser

  • Dual Beam Drill Rig alignment laser

    Dual Beam Drill Rig alignment laser LS-DBL1

    The Dual Beam Drill Rig laser is used to reference the drill rig square to the direction of the drilling operation. Laser beams project from both sides, and are square to the magnetic base.

    This allows the operator to align the long hole drill rig with marks on the side wall of the tunnel to confirm the rig is positioned correctly with only centimeter offset of the laser beam.
    Once this is done, the laser can be removed and stored until the next alignment operation.
    Magnetically clips to the long hole rail to align it square to the drilling rig.
    Anodised Body increasing longevity. 
    A single alkaline battery with on/off button make this a simple tough easy to use system.
    Aluminium construction from one single piece
    - 2 x magnets in the base for mounting
    - 1 x CR 123A battery to power the lasers
    - 2 x 1mW 635nM lasers projecting a dot out each side.
    - The dots are parallel and square to the body.
    - Dimensions of unit : 94 mm long x 65 mm high x 36 mm wide

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