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Dual Axis Inclinometer

  • Dual Axis Inclinometer

    Dual Axis Inclinometer GSRHM1000B

    Earthmoving - Mining - Barges - Piling - Cranes - Farming - Civil Construction
    Slope & Level Alarm System
    Industrial, mining, civil, defence, transport and machinery hire industries continue to battle with safety, not only for the operators of their equipment but also their machinery.
    A dual axis inclinometer or dual axis slope indicator will assist to help protect both people and equipment.

    The Dual Axis Pitch and Roll Inclinometer allows customisation of sensor response times to allow maximum flexibility in various applications. An industrial adjustable mount allows for optimum positioning for the operator. Both pitch and roll can simultaneously be displayed and can optionally be made to invert in the event of an alarm or warning condition.

    The display is highly visible both at night and in sunlight due to the use of an industrially rated transflective graphics LCD display. The integrated keypad allows for customisation of the display, in application calibration, warning and alarm setup, minimum and maximum tilt display and sensor customisation.

    One HM1000B 2-axis high-accuracy RS485 tilt sensor is included, with a 15m cable length. When used in combination with the Inclinometer (Slope Meter), accuracy of one degree and customisable frequency response are achievable.

    Integrated alarm and warning relays provide normally open, normally closed and common outputs. Both warnings and alarms can be configured to be normally-on or normally-off. Optional password protection on the setup menu can be configured by the user.

    The Inclinometer (Slope Meter) is in a rugged ABS plastic enclosure with a polycarbonate fascia. A fully adjustable RAM 25mm ball mount can be screw mounted to the vehicle, or optional suction mounts are available. Power, outputs and the sensor are connected through a Deutsch DT12 socket at the rear of the unit. The wiring loom is made from flame-retardant Exane wire.

    9V to 36V supply voltage
    Adjustable industrial mount
    Highly visible pitch and roll readout
    Graphical mode
    Configurable numeric or graphical display
    Remote Sensor
    Adjustable backlight
    Integrated user interface for customisation
    One degree accurate, variable frequency response sensors
    Highly configurable warning and alarm functions
    Integrated warning and alarm relays
    Integrated buzzer
    Input voltage:
    Power consumption:
    Warning relay output:
    Alarm relay output:
    Maximum tilt:
    Refresh rate:
    Frequency response:
    Communications protocol:
    Minimum 9V; maximum 36V
    2W (165mA @ 12V) – includes dual axis tilt sensor
    Normally open or normally closed, 36V max, 1A max, internally fused
    Normally open or normally closed, 36V max, 1A max, internally fused
    -90 to 90°, recommended use -60 to 60°
    1° from 0 to 30°, 2° from 30-60°
    10 updates per second
    10Hz to 0.1Hz, user settable
    Enhanced RS485 differential, will operate with one broken connection
    Physical Characteristics:
    Tilt Sensor  dimensions:  57mm (base width), 82mm (w), 51mm (h), 32mm (d), cable 15m
    Wiring loom dimensions: 50cm
    Environmental Specifications:
    Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C
    Humidity: 5% to 95% relative humidity p
    Wiring loom included

    Side view showing wiring loom & ball mount

    Dual Axis sensor