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Sola Big T 8mx25mm Pocket Tape

  • Sola Big T 8mx25mm Pocket Tape

    Sola Big T 8mx25mm Pocket Tape MTAPSOBIT8025

    The non-slip case delivers a positive feel and the transparent end-hook means you are seeing what you want to measure right from the start. Made in England to EC-class 1 standard. When accuracy counts.
    Optimised 2-c plastic housing with an increased durability
    Secure handling thanks to a non-slip surface and ergonomic design
    Exact 2-piece tape brake for precise inner measuring
    Gentle tape stops through 2-c plastic housing
    Easier reading of the graduation through a transparent end hook
    Improved handling through a patented, removable belt clip
    EC accuracy
    Material tape
    Tape surface
    End hook
    Tape stop Brake
    Rivets for end hooks
    Retraction damping
    Reinforcement plate
    Material housing
    Colour housing
    Belt clip Plastic
    Replacement tape upon request
    Class I
    Matt lacquered, yellow
    Plastic, 2-c, sliding
    Brake, 2-piece
    End hook Shock absorber
    Stainless steel
    Red / Black
    Plastic, 2-part


    $97.90 (AUD inc GST)