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Pro Shot Alpha XD LR Laser Level

  • Pro Shot Alpha XD LR Laser Level

    Pro Shot Alpha XD LR Laser Level PSALXD

    Simply mount the laser onto a heavy duty tripod, press power, and the Alpha automatically levels by itself. Built by Laser Reference, made in the USA, electronic self levelling with high accuracy and manual grade.... no other horizontal building & contracting laser level offers so much value and quality for so little. 

    The Pro Shot Alpha XD also features a manual grade slope matching feature with up and down arrows. This allows the user to roughly align the laser for basic single grade slope and drainage work. Whilst in manual slope mode, the Cross Axis self levelling feature of the Alpha keeps the second x axis level at all times. 
    Features :
    - High accuracy
    - Electronic horizontal self levelling
    - Elevation Height Alert turns the laser off if bumped, knocked
      or disturbed
    - Manual grade override for slope matching
    - Cross axis self levelling when laser is used in the
      manual grade slope mode
    - Rotation Speed  600 & 1200, Machine control compatible
    - Alkaline or re-chargeable NiMH battery power options  
    Supplied with Pro Shot R9 Receiver
    - Reception Height: 50mm
    - Reception Angle: 120 degrees
    - Fine Accuracy Selection: +/-1.0mm
    - Standard Accuracy Selection: +/-1.6mm
    - Coarse Accuracy Selection: +/-3.2mm
    - Display: Front LCD, rear LED lights
    - Speaker Volume: high, low, off
    - Battery Power: 1 x 9V Alkaline battery
    - Battery Life: 60 hours
    Smart Charger & Rechargeable H/D Batteries
    Pro Shot Alpha Specification :
    - Accuracy:
    - Operating Diameter:
    - Self Levelling Type:
    - Height alert:
    - Rotation Speed:
    - Laser Type:
    - XD Laser classification:
    - Water & Dust Protection:
    - Operating Temperature:
    - Weight:
    - Battery Power:
    - Battery Life:
    - Warranty:
    +/-10 arc seconds (+/- 5mm/100m !)
    up to 1000 m Diameter
    Electronic servo motors +/- 5°
    Normally active, can be disabled
    600 & 1200 RPM, selectable
    Class IIIa
    Waterproof to IP56
    -20 deg C to +60 deg C
    4 x 'C' Size Alkaline or NiMH batteries
    90 hours alkaline, 65 hours NiMH
    3 Year
    The Pro Shot Alpha XD is checked & calibrated by GSR Laser Tools before delivery.
    Date of Certificate (on request) issued at time of purchase.