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Nedo Tubus 2 Pipe Laser with Green Beam

  • Nedo Tubus 2 Pipe Laser with Green Beam

    Nedo Tubus 2 Pipe Laser with Green Beam NETUBUS2-G

    The Nedo Pipe Laser Tubus 2 is an extremely sturdy pipe laser and ideal for the very tough conditions encountered in sewer construction. It is fitted with a green laser diode.
    The compact design of the Nedo Tubus 2 Pipe Laser enables it to be used in narrow pipes with diameters as small as 125mm diameter and in tight pipe bends.
    Insertion into small-diameter pipes is simplified by the innovative pipe slider, a rugged metal cylinder on the underside of the laser.
    Visibility: outstanding
    Green laser beams are four times as visible to the human eye as red beams with the same power. For this reason, the Nedo TUBUS 2 Pipe Laser is fitted as standard with a green laser diode that is optionally available with laser class 2 or 3R.     The green laser dot of the TUBUS 2 is easy to see on the height-adjustable target board, even in unfavourable light conditions. This high visibility means that jobs can be completed much faster.
    Operating concept: smart
    The sophisticated SmartControl operating concept of the Nedo TUBUS 2 Pipe Laser facilitates easy, intuitive handling: All important data, including the gradient, cross slope, axis alignment and battery level, are clearly shown on the well-arranged OLED display and remote control.
    Robustness: no compromises
    Sturdily built to meet the demands of professionals. Reliable performance for gruelling use in heavy construction. The rugged aluminium housing has an IP 68 protection rating. The shock-protection system of the Nedo TUBUS 2 protects sensors and electronic components even under the toughest conditions. The Nedo TUBUS 2 makes no compromises - Made in Germany 
    - Green laser diode for top visibility, optionally available with laser class 2 or 3R
    - SmartControl for simple, intuitive operation
    - Extremely robust design, IP 68 submersion protection
    - Compact dimensions for use in tight pipe bends and pipes with diameters of
      125mm and more
    - Laser and remote control with OLED display for easy read-offs.
    - Combined radio and infrared remote control for top transmission performance
    - Manual alignment function
    - Inclination measurement function
    - Cross slope compensation, also for plumbing
    - Adjustable vibration sensitivity
    - Pipe slider for simple insertion of the laser into small-diameter pipes
    - Plumb LED upwards
    - 5/8" tripod thread
    - Li-Ion battery for long periods of use
    - Battery charger for simultaneous charging of the laser and the remote control
    - Sets of feet for 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm pipe diameters
    - Heights-adjustable target board 
    Technical Data:
    Levelling accuracy
    Self-levelling range
    Gradient range
    Horizontal adjustment range
    Display resolution
    Operating temperature
    Protection class
    +/- 0.05 mm/m
    -15% to +40%
    -15% to +40%
    +/- 10%
    Green laser diode, laser class 3R or 2
    -20°C to +50°C
    IP 68
    duration up to 40h
    ø 120mm, length 300mm
    Supplied with:
    - Nedo Pipe Laser Tubus 2
    - Radio remote control
    - Height adjustable target board
    - Sets of Feet for 150, 200, 250, & 300mm
      pipe diameters
    - Battery Charger
    - Carry Case
    Nedo Pipe Laser Tubus 2, pdf brochure