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Laserex GLS-520 Green Laser Sight

  • Laserex GLS-520 Green Laser Sight

    Laserex GLS-520 Green Laser Sight LSGLS520G

    Not All Green Laser Sights Are Created Equal

    The Green Beam GLS-520 Laser Sight from Laserex provides the shooter with a tactical advantage in terms of rapid target acquisition with a visible green laser beam that is perfect for use in dawn, dusk and night time conditions.  This allows for fast, accurate high precision targeting and shooting.
    Wide Temperature Range
    The new design of the GLS-520 laser sights utilises diode laser technology thereby allowing for a wide operating temperature range of -15C to +60C.
    This makes the unit ideal for use in many temperature extremes, overcoming shortcomings associated with Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) Green Laser Sights.
    Instant Rise Time
    The GLS-520 overcomes the previous limitations of DPSS green laser sights that required time to warm up before reaching maximum brightness.
    Output Power Stability
    The APC Driver allows the GLS-520 to have a stable output power, with a stable operating temperature range.  The unit is also shock resistant making it ideal for use on high powered weapons with heavy recoil.
    The GLS-520 comes with a 520nm wavelength and is Class 2, <1mW output power, in accordance with AS/NZS2211:1997.
    Day or Night Use
    The GLS-520 produces a visible green laser beam output closer to the Centre of sensitivity of the human eye, thus making it 5 times brighter than red laser sights.
    As green laser sights are more visible than red laser sights with the same output power and laser safety class, the GLS-520 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
    The GLS-520 comes with a long focal length glass lens in a rugged housing designed to meet the harsh conditions experienced by hunters and recreational shooters.
    Another advantage of the GLS-520 is the lower beam divergence than DPSS Green laser sights
    The GLS-520 series comes with a beam divergence of <0.3mrad with a circularized beam ratio of 0.9:1, making it ideal for precise shooting over long distances.
    Visit the following link to read more about the differences between the GLS-520 Laser Sight and DPSS lasers.
    Download the datasheet to read more about the GLS-520 Green Laser Sight.
    The GLS-520 is ideal for use by military, law enforcement as well as sporting and recreational shooters.
    The GLS-520 comes with:
    - Weaver Mount
    - Figure 8 Mount 
    - Switch lead
    - CR-123 Battery 
    - Battery Charger with USB cable
    - Allen Key
    - Velcro Patch
    - Instructions
    - 1 year Warranty 


    $539.00 (AUD inc GST)