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Gyroscopic Stabilized Binocular 16 x 40

  • Gyroscopic  Stabilized Binocular 16 x 40

    Gyroscopic Stabilized Binocular 16 x 40 NCSIB1640WP

    Newcon SIP 16 x 40 Water Proof Gryro Binocular - Canada

    Image Stabilizers are necessary devices for those who work in vibrating environments and/or a high optical magnification is needed. Helicopter pilots, boaters, road police, fishery inspectors, yachtsmen, and many other professionals need these types of optics to get a clear image without degradation caused by vibrations of the moving platforms.
    SIB 16×40WP Gyro Stabilizing Binocular incorporates gyroscopic image stabilization technology. This is the best known technology, which allows for the maximum angle of stabilization. It enables the user to observe distant objects from moving platforms without degradation of the image resolution, which is typically caused by mechanical vibrations or normal hand tremors.
    Combining fully coated, computer designed optics, with high-speed internal gyro stabilizing system, the SIB 16×40WP is the ultimate instrument for long-range observation, tracking and surveillance. SIB 16x40WP is fully waterproof and this feature makes it irreplaceable for professional marine users.
    For Perfect Viewing
    Gyro-stabilized models of binoculars keep the viewed image stable by using a high speed motor driven gyroscope that is built into the binoculars and this gyroscope controls the position of the prism platform in the binoculars. These binoculars provide excellent resistance to shaking but batteries or an external power source is required to power the motor

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    Newcon SIB 16x40WP User Guide

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    $2,950.00 (AUD inc GST)