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Anglefix Mitre Guide

  • Anglefix Mitre Guide

    Anglefix Mitre Guide ANGLEFIX

    Functionality simplifies!

    ANGLEFIX is the patent-pending tool that automatically gives you the right angle when cutting mitres, for example, with no time-consuming measurements and calculations.

    Anglefix shows its strength when it comes to angles that differ from 90°.

    When you turn the Anglefix to the angle you want, the rotating indicator flag simply divides the angle by two.You then set the precise mitre angle by positioning the tool parallel to the work piece, then cut with the saw blade at the angle indicated by the flag to give a perfect fit. The metal rudder automatically halves the angle.

    No readings or calculations to do, so you can’t go wrong.


    With Anglefix you get the right result every time!

    Overall length: app 270mm. Long arm length: app 170mm. Short are: app 140mm.


    Field of application
    Practically universal - universally practical!
    Anglefix works together with most types of wood and metal saws on the market, and can be used for both internal and external angles.  Of course the tool can also be used “manually” with a pencil and a handsaw.  Anglefix makes it easier to do lots of different jobs: mechanical constructions, building works, joinery and much more besides, and is made to withstand professional use.

    A quality precision tool
    The tool is made of stable, high-strength glassfibre-reinforced nylon, with an indicator flag of electro-galvanised and blue-chromated metal for long life. The entire gearing mechanism is enclosed.
    So forget protractors, bevels and mental arithmetic - with Anglefix in your toolbox you get a perfect result, more quickly, more safely and more conveniently!
    $38.50 (AUD inc GST)