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Why We Recommend Nivcomp Hydrostatic Level Tools


Hydrostatic level measurement technology is likely to have a long future. Hydrostatic sensors are popular due to their simple application, low susceptibility to problems, high tolerance to disturbances and their suitability to almost all application conditions.

Compared to other measuring principles, hydrostatic pressure and level measurement is:

  • A proven measuring principle, backed by millions of field tests
  • Reliable because physical characteristics like viscosity do not impact it
  • Uninfluenced by dust, foam, vapour, contaminants
  • Vessel geometry doesn’t impact level measurement

When it comes to Hydrostatic Levels tools, you want a quality product that is easy to use and accurate every time. That’s why we recommend the Nivcomp brand.   

Why Choose a Nivcomp Hydrostatic Level?

The Nivcomp Electronic Hydrostatic Level is a high-quality German brand manufactured by Dirotec. The electronic digital level is a step up from the traditional hose levelling instrument. The Nivcomp uses a sensor module rather than inspection glass to provide direct altitude indication in millimetres.

The sensing technology in the handheld device is designed to compare the altitude difference to the point of reference which is the reservoir in the hose reel. To transmit a level to another point, line up the handheld device against this level and save as zero-reference per keystroke. Every change in altitude is displayed in millimetres and the direction (arrows or +/-). Recording the liquid’s temperature provides optimal results even when used outdoors.      

The Nivcomp works around corners, behind walls, on different levels and even adjacent rooms where no line of sight is available.


Nivcomp Digital Level Products We Stock

As an authorised distributor of Nivcomp, GSR Laser Tools stocks the following popular products.  

The Nivcomp mSD- Electronic Hydrostatic Level

This model contains a microSD mini card which allows you to record up to 500 levelling jobs. A line of sight isn’t required with this model saving you time and energy working around obstacles. The Nivcomp mSD provides problem-free measuring of uneven surfaces and gradients, taking reference levels and checking control measurements on adjacent walls, between trenches and tie bars. Included in the device is a mSD Card slot, micro SD card, USB card reader, compatible to all desktop computers with a card reader.       

For more information, check out the Nivcomp mSD- Electronic Hydrostatic Level  in our online store.

The Nivcomp Standard - Electronic Hydrostatic Level

All the same features as the product above but without the mSD card. Instead of recording levels electronically, the user does the recording and documenting by hand.

The devices come in a sturdy, double-walled case that has room for optional accessories.

Check out the Nivcomp Standard - Electronic Hydrostatic Level in our online store.

Nivcomp Accessory H-Set

Both the Standard and mSD have the option of including the H-Set accessory at the time of purchase, or you can use it separately later on. Ideal for ceilings, suspensions, ditches and checks, the H-Set includes a device holder, four key extensions and a permanent magnet and protective button. The accessory stores neatly inside the Nivcomp Carry Case.

For more information, see the Nivcomp H-Set accessory.

Nivcomp Accessory H-Disk

Made of steel, the 36 cm diameter H-disk is used in wet areas such as screeds.

See the Nivcomp H-Disk in our online store.

Nivcomp Level Pegs

A packet of 100 x 65 mm elastic, self-adhesive pegs for pouring self-levelling compounds and mortar to a specific depth. The pegs feature easy to read double-sided measurement indicator marks. Read the proper height on your Nivcomp then cut the level pegs to match. Especially useful for screed levelling and outlet and packings.

The Nivcomp Level Pegs are available for purchase in our online store.  


GSR Laser Tools completes an in-house check before dispatching to our customers to ensure there are no issues. An in-house certificate is available on request. Nivcomp also authorises GSR Laser Tools to act as their service centre so if there are any problems with the unit in future, we can assist.

If you have any queries or require more information about any Nivcomp product or accessory, don’t hesitate to call us on (08) 9409 4058 or email

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