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How Laser Tools Are Making Australian Tradies Work More Productively


Construction worker using the Nedo-Linus1 HV Laser

Laser alignment tools are popularly used in the construction industry including industrial and commercial mining, building professions and underground exploratory jobs. Laser tools act similarly to a bubble spirit level, but instead of the level being confined to a physical object, a laser displays a reference across an area where all measurements can be made from. Laser tools are simple to operate and provide increased efficiency and accuracy in the workplace.

What Are Laser Measuring Tools Used For?


Laser tools can be used for grading operations and displays a visual guide for machine operators. Laser tools can be attached to a wide range of machinery including bulldozers, scrapers, excavators and backhoes. The laser beam can be positioned on a slope and works by emitting a 360-degree beam of light.


Leveling is crucial in every construction job. A laser level is displayed on a horizontal plane that allows the operator greater control over their work site.


Laser levels gives you an accurate point of reference for a horizontal and vertical axis at the same time. Great for construction workers who need to level out flat bases and install beams flush against walls.

Lasers Tools Can Improve Productivity

Laser tools have been proven to maximise work efforts and lower costs. Most laser tools have been designed to be single-person operated. This streamlines tasks and allows the extra labour that was once required for traditional leveling methods to be dispersed elsewhere.

Laser Tools We Recommend and Stock

We’ve listed some of our best laser tools available for rent or purchase. These products will help your workplace work smarter, not harder!

Nedo Linus1 HV Universal Laser

The Nedo Linus1 HV is a brand new, fully automatic universal laser. This robust laser is not only perfect for levelling and aligning but also for marking right angles. Ideal for outdoor and interior finishing. The Linus1 HV combines a horizontal 360° laser line with four interchangeable vertical laser lines positioned at 90° angles. Designed for professionals who need a secure and accurate universal laser capable to handle any job.

ProNivo L45 Floor Tiling Laser

This durable laser is the perfect laser tool for every tiler. The ProNivo L45 is compact, easy to use and designed for tilers to work without the need of other tools. This laser tool will establish accurate 90° and 45° angles on the toughest surface conditions. Built for indoor and outdoor use the ProNivo L45 comes with a sturdy metal base and features 5-line lasers operated by one single button.

The Geomax ZAL300 Series Automatic Level

The Geomax ZAL300 Series Automatic Level is a tough laser tool that keeps you working through any work conditions. Heavy rain, extreme heat or vibrations from construction sites won’t affect your level, allowing you to work longer and more productively. This simple-to-use laser tool has spectacular optics that lets you work in settings with poor visibility.

Metsys ML2PG Green Beam Line, Point & Plumb Laser

This lightweight laser tool is built with durability in mind, The Metsys ML2PG is your go to for accurate and professional performance. With a water-resistant rubber exterior for protection and bright diode beams, this tool makes working in any environment effortless and will produce quality results.

We have a wide range of laser tools available for hire and purchase. If you need any advice on our range, don’t hesitate to ask one of our experts at GSR Laser Tools by Calling (08) 9409 4058 or contact us online.
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