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Stalker I SDR Speed Gun

  • Stalker I SDR Speed Gun

    Stalker I SDR Speed Gun ST1SDR

    - Displays km/h
    - Direction sensing - tracks vehicles approaching, going away, or both
    - Typical vehicle range 1.2 km (.75 mi.)
    - Fastest and strongest tracking model or strongest- only model
    - 3 window display
    - Detachable battery handle
    - Rechargeable high-capacity battery
    - Rugged, waterproof die-cast metal construction
    - Touch panel keyboard with backlit LCD
    - Charger operates on 220v/50Hz or 110v/60Hz 
    Direction-Sensing Technology
    The Stalker I SDR, Stationary Directional Radar, is the ideal choice for speed enforcement.
    Available in models with and without Fastest Mode Tracking, both employ patented direction-
    sensing technology. Its die-cast metal case is waterproof to a depth of 2 feet, yet it is smaller
    and lighter than most hand-helds.
    Backlit Rear Display
    The 3-window backlit display presents an intuitive user interface with clear messaging and control
    buttons. Its LCD window displays the Strongest Target, Fastest Target (if enabled), and Arrows
    Icons indicating direction of travel for both target types.
    12-Month Warranty
    Both models - Stalker I with Fastest Mode (828-0002-00) and without Fastest Mode (828-0001-00) -
    include a high-capacity Li-ION battery handle, desktop battery charger, tuning fork, operator manual,
    and quick reference card. Each is warranted for 12 months.
    Operating Frequency
    Battery Type
    Cell Capacity
    Handheld Stationary Doppler Radar
    34.7 GHz (Ka-band)
    ±100 MHz
    Removable/rechargeable sealed battery handle
    containing a 7.2 Volt Li-Ion battery
    2000 mAh
    Power Requirements:
    Removable Battery Handle
    Cigarette Plug Coil Cord Handle
    7.2 VDC nominal
    7.0 to 18.0 VDC
    (currents are typical at 12VDC with external power)
    XMIT with all displays off and back light off: 280 mA
    XMIT with moving target and back light: 280 mA
    XMIT with no target and back light: 300 mA
    Standby with no target and back light on: 150 mA
    Standby with no target and back light off: 130 mA
    Sleep mode: 30 mA (when battery powered only)
    -30°C to +70°C, 90% Relative Humidity, Operating
    0°C to 45°C, 90% Relative Humidity, Battery Charging
    -40°C to +85°C, Non-Operating
    Back-lighted LCD with 3 speed windows (Target
    speed, Lock/Fast speed, and expansion window), 4-digit
    Alphanumeric status window, XMIT icon, and CHG icon
    Radar Body Material
    Handle Case Material
    Auto Self-Test:
    Speed Range: 
    0.98 kg with battery handle attached
    18.5 cm
    20.1 cm
    7.2 cm
    Aluminum and Magnesium die castings
    ABS polymer
    +2, -3 km/h
    Performed every 10 minutes while transmitting
    8 km/h to 321.9 km/h Standard
    24 km/h to 321.9 km/h (option menu selectable)

    Click here for Stalker I-SDR Speed Gun pdf brochure