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Pulsar Apex XD50 Thermal Rifle Scope

  • Pulsar Apex XD50 Thermal Rifle Scope

    Pulsar Apex XD50 Thermal Rifle Scope PUAPXD50

    Pulsar Apex XD50 Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

    The Apex sights have a wide range application including night hunting, observation and terrain orientations, search and rescue operations.

    Following on from the success of the stunning Pulsar Quantum range of hand held thermal imagers, the new Pulsar Apex Thermal Imager riflescopes are set to take the night vision riflescope market by storm. With a detection range of up to 1100m (XD50 man sized object) the new Pulsar Apex XD50 Thermal scopes will revolutionise the way we hunt at night.
    The bigger brother of the Pulsar Apex XD38 thermal scope, the brand new Pulsar Apex XD50 thermal riflescope is designed for extreme long range vermin control allowing you to detect objects (measuring 1.7m x 0.5m) out to over 1km away, and provide high quality imagery at long distances.
    Featuring a variable magnification from optical 2x with push button 2x digital zoom, the XD50 has a minimum focusing distance of 5m, making it ideal for short range pest control, right up to long range foxing at extreme long ranges displaying images in white hot or black hot detection via a high res 640x480 OLED display.
    Unlike traditional night vision the new Pulsar Apex XD50 Thermal rifle scope is not impeded by weather conditions such as rain, fog, moisture etc which plays havoc with ir illuminators, scattering light everywhere and obscuring the image.
    The high specification thermal microbolometer core is also unimpeded by objects such as grass or foliage, allowing you to spot quarry which has moved into cover.
    Choose from 13 user selectable reticles, and attach the Apex XD50 Thermal to your riflescope using a traditional weaver rail, providing complete accuracy in weapons up to 6000 joules muzzle energy (in excess of .308) with a 50hz core to provide motion lag free imaging, even on running quarry such as boar or rats etc.
    Memorisation of zero parameters allowing you to swap between weaver railed rifles without need to re-zero (depends on quality of tolerance of weaver rail, and correct return to zero point application of mount to rail)

    Video Out : The Apex thermal sights are equipped with a Video Out jack enabling real time video recording with the use of external recording equipment.
    Operating modes : The Apex offers three operating modes, each designed to deliver the best possible image in specific viewing conditions: “Rocks” (enhanced contrast), “Forest” (low contrast) and “Identification” (improved rendering of hot objects’ details).

    Rifle mount : The mounting holes in the base of the riflescope enable the mount to be installed in one of multiple positions. This choice (depending on the rifle type, anthropometric data of a shooter, etc.) helps the user to ensure the most suitable position on a riflescope.
    Spceifications :
    Electronic components
    Frame Rate
    Microbolometer resolution
    Display type
    Display Resolution
    50 Hz
    384x288 pixels
    640x480 pix.
    Optical characteristics :
    Digital zoom
    Objective Lens
    Field of View, degrees
    Eye Relief
    Diopter adjustment
    Close-up distance
    Range of detection
    Power Supply
    Battery type
    External Power Supply
    Reticle type
    Windage & Elevation
    Click range H/V
    Operating Temperature
    Level of Protection (acc. to IEC 60529)
    Remote Control
    Weight without batteries

    x 2 ... 4
    x gradual zoom 2x
    Horizontal * Vertical 11x8.3
    67 mm
     - 4…+ 3.5 dptr.
     5 m
    1150 m (object (high 1.7m, width 0,5m)
    4 ÷ 6 V
    8.4 ÷ 15 DC
    Variable electronic reticles
    1 click, 30/ 30 mm/ 100m
    E0, 6000 joules (when used with rifled gun)
    H/V, 6000/ 6000 mm@100m
    - 25 … +50 ° C
    (acc. to IEC 60529) IPX7
    343x80x75 mm
    0.7 kg

    Not for Export
    Only supplied within Australia
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