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  • AMA T8 Tunnel Alignment Laser AMAT8

    The Swedish made AMA T8 Long distance tunneling laser is used for permanent or semi permanent alignment stations in underground declines. Simple, Long range, reliable and robust.  Alignment via vertical and horizontal fine motion screw.  Available power option, 12V DC or 240V AC.

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  • Featured Product

    DrillCube Laser

    DrillCube Mining Laser. 

    The Drillcube alignment Laser is a disruptive technology offering something totally new in the field of decline development, pinpoint accuracy combined with robust construction to deliver revolutionary accuracy and safety.

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    DrillCube Lasers, Box of 4
    $3,075.00 (AUD inc GST)
    DrillCube Sleeves, Box of 10
    $154.00 (AUD inc GST)
    DrillCube Safety Tags, Bag of 50
    $173.25 (AUD inc GST)
  • Dual Beam Drill Rig alignment laser LS-DBL-1

    This Dual Beam Drill Rig alignment laser magnetically clips to the long hole rail to align it square to the drilling rig. View More

  • Fencing Laser Pro FP550 MCEFEPRFP550

    Stay in line from the first post to the last. The only laser of its kind delivering fencing contractors a professional and easy to set up alignment tool. The MCE Fence Pro has been designed by fencing contractors to make the installation of long range rural fencing easy. For price and availability please call or email to

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  • LTA Dual Beam Plummet Laser with with Tribrach Adapter MCEDB111

    The LTA Dual Beam Laser Plummet with Tribrach adapter produces a visible red beam at each end of the Laser module that is in line with the other.
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      (AUD inc GST)
  • LTA L202 Dual Beam Alignment Laser LTC202ADB

    LTA L202A Dual Beam Alignment Laser with individually switched laser beams. Multiple Uses and Functions. Two visible laser beams shoot in opposite directions. Align two points from the middle. For current availability please call.

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  • MCE SB300-MR Tunnel Tail Laser MCESB300MR

    The MCE SB300-MR Medium Range Tunnel Tail Laser has a working range of up to 250m. With its mounting sleeve fitted the alignment laser will only need a small hole to be drilled into the rock wall. Precision alignment can improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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  • MCE LD60 Long Range Laser MCELD6025

    The MCE LD60 Long Range Laser has an focusable laser beam used for long distance alignment. Used in application such as tunnelling and mining. The beam can be focused by the operator as needed, while visibility depends on working circumstances. Choice of Red or Green Beam Laser. Range to 850m. Intrinsically safe laser on order can be supplied when working in gaseous enviroments. Made in Australia. 

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  • MCE Long Range Tunnel Laser MCEPI750

    The MCE PI750 is a Long Range Automatic Plumb Indication System. Used for vertical shaft alignment. Establish and check control points from your reference vertical down or up to 750m. Models for Nadir or Zenith application. Made to order. Lead time around 6 weeks. Made in Australia.

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  • MCE Wheel Alignment Laser WA 007 MCEWA007

    Laser Wheel Alignment 007 is easier, more accurate and more versatile than other systems of wheel alignment. MCE Lasers have developed a laser ideal for this application. The Wheel Alignment Laser consists of a sealed beam universal laser diode fixed to a precision clamp and calibrated.

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  • Mining Laser MTL-SL LS-SL

    The MTL1-SL is a small diameter alignment laser. 12.4 mm diameter main body. Range to 100 m. A simple and economical to use underground tunnelling laser. Made of stainless steel. Please call for availability.

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  • Mining Laser MTL1-LR LS-MTL1-LR

    The MTL1-LR is the original "laser in the wall" used for direction in underground tunneling. This product has evolved over the laser 14 years. Range to 100 m & 16mm diameter. Used extensively throughout underground mines in Australia. Made of stainless steel. Strength and simplicity. Please call for availability..
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