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ARNIE Trip Meter - Rally

  • ARNIE Trip Meter - Rally

    ARNIE Trip Meter - Rally ARNIERALLY

    The ARNIE Trip Computer has the following features:

    ·         6 digit LCD display
    ·         2 totally independent road distances
    ·         Up, down or hold functions on each road
    ·         Pre-settable distances on each road
    ·         Instance speed indication
    ·         Rally Version features: Average Speed
    ·         Rally Version features: Timer
    ·         Automatic or manual calibration
    ·         Internal light for night operation

    ·         All calibrations and recorded distances saved with ignition off

    ·         Sturdy die-cast construction

    ·         12-month RTB warranty

    ·         120(W) x 65(H) x 40mm(W)

    ·         Unit weighs app. 300g

    Note :
    For the Arnie trip to work the automotive electrician needs to be able to locate & connect to the speed output signal of the car.
    Alternative :
    - Mechanical Set up:
      Your Auto electrician may be able to supply & install sensors for the   
      drive shaft and connect it to the Arnie Trip meter.
     -GPS based Solution:
      You may consider connecting your existing Trip Meter to the GPS Speed Sender
      & Magnetic Mount