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Planix EX Digital Planimeter

  • Planix EX Digital Planimeter

    Planix EX Digital Planimeter PLANIX-EX

    ·         Measurement functions: Coordinate, Area, Line length,
    ·         Side length, Radius, Angle
    ·         Measurement modes: Line (Point), Curve (Stream),
    ·         Circular arc (Arc)
    ·         Measuring units: Metric (mm, cm, m, km), Foot (in, ft, acre?yd, mi), User-defined units
    ·         Display: 140×30 dot graphic liquid crystal (17 digits × 3lines)
    ·         Measuring range: 380mm ×10m ?450mm×10m
    ·         Linear resolution: 0.05mm
    ·         Accuracy: ±0.1%
    ·         Power: Rechargeable Ni-Cd cell (chargeable with the AC adapter supplied)
    ·         Charging time: About 10 hrs in normal use/about 15 hrs after complete discharge
    ·         Operating time: About 40 hrs of continuous operation after full charge
    ·         Dimensions: 350×43×165mm (main body) 365×65 ×195mm (case)
    ·         Weight: Approx. 1kg (main body only)
    ·         Accessories:
    o    Instruction manual
    o    AC adapter
    o    Carrying case
    o    Sample measurement sheet
    o    Gauge template
    ·         Legible LCD display
    ·         Simultaneous coordinate, area, line length and side length measurements
    ·         Radius/Angle measurement
    ·         Coordinate reading and correction
    ·         High accuracy ±0.1%
    ·         Three measurement modes-straight line, curve line and circular arc
    ·         Automatic closing function
    ·         Automatic convergence function
    ·         Automatic unit selection
    ·         Average and comulative total
    ·         Calculator function
    ·         Decimal point setup
    ·         External output function
    ·         Numbering function
    ·         Battery check function
    ·         Automatic power off function