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Planix 10S Digital Planimeter

  • Planix 10S Digital Planimeter

    Planix 10S Digital Planimeter PLANIX-10S

    PLANIX 10S Marble

    Compact, handy, and a great look.
    All plotting can be done with one hand.
    Switching by lines
    Point/Stream (continuous) mode key allows conversion between point mode measurement for plotting points on straight lines and stream mode for tracing curves on curved lines. 
    Key Operation
    At P1
    Press PLOT  Key.
    Move the tracing point to P2. You do not need to trace a precise line from P1 to P2.
    At P2
    Press PLOT  key.
    Move the tracing point to P3. You do not need to trace a precise line from P2 to P3.
    At P3
    Press POINT/STREAM  key to change to stream mode.
    Tracing along to curved line to P1. It shows measurement result automatically.
    More Compact and Light Weight
    The weight is only 630g and the compact design makes easier measurement.
    Total and Average as you go
    By measuring the same diagram a more number of times, a more accurate average or cumulative measurement for large scale diagrams can easily be carried out with these special keys.
    Measurement of Reduced/Enlarged scale and the vertical scale with different horizontal scale
    "marble" can also measure area of a scaled plan. The resulting measurement will be the dimensions of the object measured.
    Auto-close function
    Automatically finishes measuring when it is returned to the starting point during measurement.
    ·         Measuring Function : Area, Line, Side Length(s)
    ·         Measuring Scale : mm, cm, m, km, in, ft, acre/yd
    ·         Measuring Range : 300mm x 10m
    ·         Measuring Accuracy : ±0.1%?100 x 100mm area measurement?
    ·         Display : LCD 16 digits on 2 lines
    ·         Minimum Line Reading : 0.05mm
    ·         Power : Internal nickel metal hydride battery or AC Charger/Adaptor
    ·         Battery Life : 20 hours use
    ·         Charging Time : 15 hours
    ·         Accessories : Storage Case, AC Charger/Adaptor
    ·         Dimensions : 250?L?x 110?W?x 40?H?mm
    ·         Weight : 630g.(without case)
    * Specifications subject to change without notice.