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DigPilot 2D Machine Guidance System

  • DigPilot 2D Machine Guidance System

    DigPilot 2D Machine Guidance System DigiPilot2D

    DigPilot 2D Machine Control - Wireless Excavator guidance for Excavator

    DigPilot is developed and produced in Norway.
    The DigPilot 2D enables you to do a wide variety of excavation work without GPS/GNSS, horizontal levelling, single or dual slopes, ditches and profiles.
    If you choose to cut a ditch, you will be guided as you set the width, depth, the slope of the ditch, and the ditch will be shown on the monitor in front of you.
    You can reference heights by positioning the tip of the bucket on a benchmark, or use the arm sensor to register the height from a rotating laser level.
    Types of work / projects DigPilot allows you to select
    Flat Plane
    Single Slope
    Dual Slope
    Bucket defined
    DigPilot's 2D key benefits : Straightforward installation
    With its wireless sensors, DigPilot installation is a quick process. Wireless sensors are placed on the boom, the arm and the bucket along with a compass mast sensor.
    You don’t need to be a qualified electrician, or connect up a lot of cables before the system can be started up.
    Range between each wireless sensor can be over 50m
    DigPilot has only one cable, connecting the power supply to the computer. After installation, simply plug it into the cigarette lighter and you're ready to go. (12 to 24 V)
    One DigPilot Machine Control System can be installed on many different excavators calibrated and the dates will be permanently stored.
    Install a set of brackets for your wireless DigPilot sensors and a mast for the "Pitch and roll compass-sensor". Move your current DigPilot system, PC and sensors, from machine to machine as needed.The installation is guided by a menu containing pictures and text description.
    Easily moved from one machine to another
    It takes only minutes to move DigPilot 2D sensors from one excavator to another.
    Simply attach a new set of brackets, and then you can move the sensors and computer to another excavator.
    Settings for 20 different excavators can be saved in the computer, each with 20 different buckets.

    DigPilot PC
    In developing DigPilot great importance was attached to making it user friendly. This applies both to fitting and maintenance, and of course to what you see on the monitor.
    There are large, explicit images in 2D and 3D, with clear details and accompanying text to guide you all the way.
    DigPilot is equally suitable for those without computer experience and for experts.
    Key features:
    -The sensors will work for over 2 weeks after charging
    -Range between each sensor to over 50m
    -Sensors are robust and watertight, they have an IP-standard of 67.
    -PC with touch screen
    -Only weighs 1.3kg
    -Trans reflective screen technology makes it possible to see the screen even in sunshine.
    -Laser sensor integrated into the arm sensor
    -Compass integrated into the pitch & roll sensor
    -Sensor for articulated boom and tilting bucket (optional)
    Easy to upgrade
    The DigPilot 2D can easily be upgraded to 3D with GPS/GNSS.
    This only requires the GPS itself and new software in the DigPilot computer.
    When using the DigPilot GPS software there is no need for a second control panel taking up space in your cab.
    DigPilot 2D is delivered in a rugged case containing all the tools you need for installation.
    You will only need your own drill.
    A standard DigPilot kit contains:
    Carrying case
    DigPilot computer
    Boom sensor
    Bucket sensor
    Pitch and roll sensor with a Compass
    Optional: Arm Sensor with a laser Receiver. Used for Laser benchmarking