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Theis TPL-2NA Automatic Dual Slope Laser

  • Theis TPL-2NA Automatic Dual Slope Laser

    Theis TPL-2NA Automatic Dual Slope Laser CLTHTPL2NB

    Theis TPL-2NR Automatic Dual Slope Laser

    Quality – Made in Germany
    The Theis TPL-2NR is an Automatic Dual Grade laser with digital adjustment of up to 10%, a Visible laser beam as well as a Plummet beam that can also be used for vertical applications. 
    Supplied with Rechargeable Batteries & Charger. This unit is fully supported, checked with certificate of calibration included.
    Receiver Metor: 
    New unit with staff clamp
    Useable Range:    600m (diameter)
    Display : up/down Arrow, level & mm
    X2L-Sensor:     127mm Length
    Reception Angle:    ±45°
    Strobe Rejection:    Yes, operates in presence of strobes
    Environment:    Waterproof to IP67, shockproof

    Includes radio remote control:
    Theis FB-2 remote control replicates the laser unit’s display and allows full control of the laser from a distance of up to 100 meters. Not just inputting grades, also most ideal for indoor ceiling application directing & controlling the visible red laser beam to into the work area.
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