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David White SitePro SLR202GR Dual Grade Laser

  • David White SitePro SLR202GR Dual Grade Laser

    David White SitePro SLR202GR Dual Grade Laser DWLSPSLR202GR

    Suitable for horizontal, vertical, plumb, right angle applications and ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Vertical laydown positioning provides vertical alignment capabilities and squaring to ensure that walls or partitions are precisely aligned.
    Electronic self-levelling accuracy 2.4mm at 30m provides reliable and accurate performance.
    Working range up to 700m diameter is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.
    -10% to +10% in Single Grade, -7% to +7% in Dual Grade, dial-in grade with illuminated display for precise level, grade and vertical alignment.
    Most versatile, cost-effective laser system with additional features such as 90° layout beams, variable speed, scan angles and beam positioning.
    Smart H.I. Alert System stops rotating and alerts user when laser has been disturbed or drifts.
    Horizontal Levelling
    Working Range (diameter)          
    without Detector (approx)
    with Detector
    Rotational Speed
    Levelling Type (degrees)
    Beam Rating
    Slope/Grade Capability
    Dual Grade Mode
    Single Grade Mode
    Power Supply
    Water/Dust Protection
    2.4mm at 30m
    3mm at 30m
    0, 60, 120, 300, 600 RPM
    Electronic servo self-levelling (+/-5°)
    Class 3R, 635nm
    Dial-in or manual slope
    -7.00% to +7.00%
    -10.00% to +10.00%
    DC 4.8-6V NiMh rechargeable battery pack (approx. 20hr of continuous use),
    or four (4) C-Cell alkaline batteries
    215 x 215 x 207 mm)
    RD202 -Long Face
    2 x larger 125mm Capture Window
    Front and back displays
    Range up to 700m
    LCD % LED
    W-96 Multi Mount (wall & ground)
    - Using the Universal multi mount the
    horizontal alignment and setting out right
    angles is achieved - also use as a wall mount
    Included in Package: 
    - SLR 202GR Laser
    - Detector RD202
    - Rechargeable batteries
    - Red Target
    - Glasses
    - Remote control -space for W-96

    SLR 202GR Rotary Grade Laser pdf brochure 

    $1,861.50 (AUD inc GST)