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Apache Summit 2 Dual Grade Laser

  • Apache Summit 2 Dual Grade Laser

    Apache Summit 2 Dual Grade Laser SUMMIT2

    SUMMIT Grade Laser Features & Benefits
    Larger grade range - 10% to +15% in dual axes to meet a wide variety of applications and budgets.
    Full function 2-way radio remote control - allows all keypad functions up to (100M) away from the laser: the ability to make grade changes anywhere on the job greatly reduces setup time and speeds operation.
    Horizontal, grade, and vertical modes - three lasers in onefor use in a multitude ofapplications that keep the laserworking for quick payback.
    Automatic temperature compensation - keeps the laser consistently accurate – eliminate rework due to a drifting beam as temperatures change throughout the day.
    Very long operating range - up to 800M diameter for increased machine control capability and fewer setups over the job site.
    Extremely rugged - with low service costs: takes a drop of up to 1M onto concrete.
    Masking feature - allows you to block laser transmission from up to three sides: minimizes interference with other laser crews on the job site.
    Pointing mode - allows “Over the Top” pipe laying for house connections
    Manual mode - for steep slopes and special applications.
    Operating Diameter (with OPTIONAL Storm receiver): 800M
    Level / Vertical Accuracy: 10 arc seconds — 1.5mm @ 30m
    Grade Range: -10 to +15% Dual Axes
    Compensation Method: H/V Electronic Self Levelling
    Transmitter Battery Life: 4 x D NiMHs….28 hours
    Rotation Speed: 0 (SUMMIT 2), 300, 600 RPM selectable
    Operating Temperature: -20º to +50ºC
    Remote Control Type: Full 2-way communication Operation and security lock with transmitter
    Remote Control Range: 100 m radius
    Environmental: IP66
    Laser Type/Class: 5 mW 635nm, Class 3A/3R
    Remote Battery Life: 2 x AA Alkaline…130hrs continuous, 1 year under normal use
    Temperature Compensation: Every 5ºC
    Grade Resolution: 0.001% up to 9.999% — 0.01% to higher grades
    Grade Compensation: Yes
    Mask Mode: User selectable to any window, 3 windows maximum