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Geo Fennel FL80SP Tracking Multiline Laser

  • Geo Fennel FL80SP Tracking Multiline Laser

    Geo Fennel FL80SP Tracking Multiline Laser GEOFL80SP

    Geo Fennel FL80 Tracking liner SP  with automatic vertical line Target Tracking

    The vertical laser line automatically aligns with the on-grade position of the receiver. This Self-alignment of the instrument eliminates arduous manual alignment. Direct the Line where you need it.
    Perfect alignment - The easy way !
    The automatic tracking function of the FL 80 SP Tracking Liner saves you time and money  eliminating the need for manual alignment. The alignment is done automatically via the Receiver FR 57-TR.
    Manual control or Automatic tracking, let the Laser find the target.
    - Activate the tribrach motor
    - Locate on-grade position of the Receiver at the target point
    - Press the “Auto” button on the Receiver and then press an arrow button
    - The nearest Vertical Laser Line automatically tracks to coincide the on-grade
      position of the Receiver
    - 4 vertical lines at 90° to each other
    - 1 horizontal line with a 130° arc
    - Laser cross to the ceiling
    - Plumb down beam
    - Self-levelling compensator with magnetic damping
    - Tracking function up to 30 m
    - 360° horizontal orientation in either motorized or manual mode
    - Use with FR 57-TR receiver (incl.) to extend the
      working range up to 80 m (w/o tracking)

    Self-levelling function can be switched off for manual use. Slow motion screw for fine adjustment. Audible and visible alarm when instrument is out of level.
    Self-levelling range
    Levelling accuracy
    Working range up to
         with receiver up to
         with tracking function
    Cantering accuracy Tracking
    Power supply Li-Ion
    Operating time Laser
    Operating time rotating Base
    Protection class
    Laser diode
    Laser class
    Temperature range
    +/-  3°
    +/-  2 mm @ 10m
    up to 30m
    up to 80m
    up to 30m
    +/- 1 mm @ 10m
    Li-Ion Battery Pack
    8 h on Li-Ion
    15 h Alkaline
    IP 54
    635 nm (Red)
    -10° C to +45° C
    Supplied with:
    - Geo FR 57-TR Receiver with Staff clamp
    # This receiver is required when using the tracking function but it can also be used as a standard Receiver.
    - Magnetic target
    - Li-Ion battery pack with charger
    - Battery case for the optional use of alkaline batteries
    - 5/8– tripod adapter